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I gave up backpacks in junior high after I got in on the wheely backpack craze and became the target of every varsity football player looking for kicking practice. I also gave up cute handbags that holds all my makeup and pens while I casually balance my books in my arms look after high school because it’s just way too impractical trying to get a laptop across campus without some kind of protection against the crowds and the elements.

So what kind of bag do I get? If your image is defined by the kind of bag you carry and that bag has to go with you everywhere with you, it better be representative of you right? And if it’s going to hold all your stuff and survive enough years of wear and tear to make the purchase worth it, it better be a quality bag right? Everyone seems to solve the problem by getting a Longchamp Le Pliage, which I adore, but I also want to make my own statement.

So what are the options? More »

About a week ago, a friend named ChelseaDan (pseudonym) had an argument about who was the cutest Sanrio character. He’s going to post his claim eventually but I decide to pre-counter attack it. Mawaha!

I reject that Pochacco is the cutest Sanrio character! There’s a bunch of other Sanrio characters that would slap that dog in the face, mainly one in particular. Okay I lied, he’s not the cutest little thing in the world compared to Sanrio’s latest characters Sugarmnuet and Cherinacherine but you have to admit he’s really cool. Also he’s a penguin! More »

Okay not really but she might as well be since she’s adorned on everything including the cross. Sanrio decided that having Hello Kitty themed weddings weren’t enough. No, apparently Sanrio decided to go religious with the pale cat by putting her face on a cross.

While there isn’t much information on the pendant itself, images show that the Hello Kitty’s face will be able to swing back and forth above the diamond encrusted cross. I never knew Jesus could be so glamorous. While she’s on the cross, she isn’t in crucified stance. It’s just her head and no she’s not flaunting a thorned crown.

However this isn’t her first time on the cross. Doing my research she’s actually done it twice so far. She’s so hardcore. Apparently she’s been put on a rosary cross flaunting a gothic design. It’s in sterling silver adorned with cubic zirconium (4 to be exact). Not exactly as glamorous as the one mentioned before but still cute. You can currently buy it at Strappya-World.

I never ever thought I’d blog about Martha Stewart but here I am doing just that: take a look at her Cutest Cupcake Contest Winners. Some of these are SO cute, beautiful, or ornate that I don’t think it’s right that they’re supposed to be eaten.

I have a number of favorites but the sushi-imitation ones take the cake (harhar pun intended). Can you believe those things are really cupcakes?? I’m trying to imagine popping one in my mouth and instead of soy sauced seaweed, fish, and rice you get an explosion of coconut, sprinkles, gummies, and fruit-by-the-foot. Crazy taste bud mind games. But very practical when you think about it… you don’t even have to use your hands to eat cupcakes because they go better with chopsticks! More »

I recently got in touch with an old friend who just so happens to have her own company now, Artiese – Photography and Makeup.

Based in Toronto, Canada, photographer Therese de Jesus and makeup artist Kristine Sia both work together to create beautiful photography. Despite being very young at the start of this venture in 2006, they’ve grown in their success and continue to do so today.

As a long time fan and now a blogger, I decided to ask the dynamic duo for an interview on Artiese. To say the least, it was very amusing and enlightening as to how they came about, what they’re doing now and what has yet to come. More »

Who says good makeup has to cost an arm and a leg?! As a self-proclaimed lip gloss addict, I can tell you that makeup in general is one of my favorite things about being a girl. However, I don’t like having to put a tube of lip gloss or an eyeshadow on layaway. That’s why I love NYX Cosmetics. It’s like getting MAC quality make-up for a fraction of the price plus I don’t have to put up with the too-busy-doing-my-own-makeup-to-help-you makeup artists/sales people and those hot ass vanity lights. More »

I swear I’m not intentionally posting all this political stuff, it just seems like there’s an awful lot of girly material to be talking about for the 2008 election (which I’m not complaining about!)

Anyway, if you haven’t heard yet, McCain tapped a woman to be his VP candidate, Sarah Palin (Governor of Alaska). I’ve got a lot of doubt about this choice (aside from the Democrat bias I automatically bring anway) because she’s totally coming off as a pawn in his bid to seem younger, hipper, and more female-friendly. But I do have to say if that’s his goal, she’s pretty much as good as it gets in that direction. A mother of 5, former pageant girl, and once on the cover of Vogue. But she’s no ditzy pansy either (used to get up 3am to hunt moose with her father before school). More »

If you’ve noticed, I try to take my own photos because I absolutely love photography. So when I found The Pink and Blue Project I was really impressed by the idea and creativity. The project was started by photographer JeongMee Yoon from Seoul, Korea. It features various pictures of girls with all pink items and boys with blue. While it may seem like a simple photo opp moment, it’s actually much deeper. More »

I moved back to school today and spent the whole day sweating over getting a ridiculous amount of junk packed, loaded, unloaded, and put away. It’s a process I never liked because it makes me lament buying so much cute clothing I want to take with me, but there is something to say for the soothing effect of homemaking (nesting instincts kicking in much?)

I’ve seen many many dorm rooms in the last few years and anticipate I will continue seeing more. I’ve seen everything from the most neatly dolled-up and pinked-out sorority rooms (as pictured above) to the most ridiculously trashy and weedy-smelling dens. How you keep your space says a lot about you and it makes me curious what all of YOUR rooms are like.

So this is the deal: Send pics of your room (dorm room or not) to and I’ll post my favorite(s) in a week. Obvs I will respect your privacy and will not use pics submitted for any other purpose than this mini-contest and I will keep your name off at your request. Winner gets the opportunity to guest post about her interior design skillage and a free pass to the VIP area of the Fashion Shoot Party! (see my last post for details). And when my room finally stops looking like a clothes-bomb went off in it I’ll post pics of mine as well ;D

Tartans are no longer in boring blue but popping pink after a British designer became inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms and a Scottish Samurai. When I first heard this I thought it was a pop tart but no its not! Tartan is actually a common striped pattern that is typically seen on school uniforms. And we all know Japan is big on school uniforms. More »

So for the past weeks I’ve been watching this show on The N hosted by ANTM’s Yoanna House and Dr. Michelle of The Tyra Banks Show, called Queen Bees. The basic premise of the show is to dethrone the “queen bee” attitudes of the female contestants, ages 19-21. You know, talking behind the best friend’s back, mistreating the parents, being inconsiderate of other’s feelings, etc. Everybody knows at least one, and whether we want to admit it or not, there’s a little Queen Bee in all of us, guys and girls alike.

More »

Well of course you do if everything is 75% off! Hard Candy Cosmetics are all on sale for 75% meaning everything is pretty much under $8. Turns out they have to liquidate most of their products. While I deeply sympathize for them, my love for big discounts takes over and I’m good to go.

Their cosmetics feature very bright colorful palettes that definitely fit the summer mood; perfect for back to school season. Not only are their colors awesome, they package it in a cute manner that’ll have girly written all over you.

But if you’re even thinking about getting your hands on any of their products, you better do it now because supplies are limited. Shipping is even being delayed by two weeks due to the excessive amount of orders. So get it while you can but note that you can still get their gift sets at Sephora and their online store.

I’m delighted to announce our first official GirlyBubble event during NYC Fashion Week

FASHION SHOOT PARTY! Cohosted by ScenePR and Wednesday, September 10th 9:30pm-12am

The Plumm 246 W 14th Street New York, NY Directions: Between 7th/8th Ave.

In addition to free entry, a gorgeous lounge, and crazy partying, there will be a special area set up for fashion photoshooting so that anyone (and I mean ANYONE) can strut their stuff or take pictures as long as you BRING IT and MAKE IT WORK! The girls here at GirlyBubble will be doing a meet and greet and hosting all the fabulous glam shots on our site.

I can’t even begin to tell you all how freaking excited I am to meet everyone, especially all you aspiring models and fashion photographers out there! So come celebrate the amazingness that is Fashion Week, I promise you it’ll be something special ;D

Lastly, don’t forget to catch us on Facebook: our group and our event. RSVP betches and see you soon!

I’ve been talking about various Nintendo DS games but I never explained why the DS is a great console. It is honestly one of the best accessories I have in my purse and arguably the greatest investment I made senior year of high school (note that I said one of the best, I really love my camera). Most girls I know think that it’s just a stupid handheld and a waste of time. Well when you’ve got time to waste, it’s actually quite handy.

The Nintendo DS is one of the most popular handheld consoles at the moment. It features a dual screen (DS) one of which is a touch screen but unlike the Iphone they give you a stylus. It flips open like a compact mirror and is fairly light for its size. More »

Nintendo strikes again with another fashion eccentric game called Pop Cutie! While the gaming world is usually male driven, this is an attempt to get the female population to join the DS revolution. Although I didn’t buy my DS for it’s fashion games, but more on that later.

Pop Cutie is a fashion game where you design, advertise and manage your very own clothing boutique. As so, you have to keep up with local fashion trends and design your clothing and accessories accordingly. From what I’m reading on the Nintendo website, the fashion styles will be “an eclectic mix of Tokyo street style, cosplay and fashion design”? I assume they mean general fashion. Also for a little added competition, you can battle rival boutiques in “fashion battles” which is probably the virtual equivalent of a Zoolander walk off. As cheesy as it sounds, I really want to try it out. More »

Best quote of the night: “To my sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits … thank you” - Hillary Clinton

One of the CNN commentators noted that Hillary’s speech tonight at the Democratic National Convention was more cognizant of her feminist side than ever before (and supportive of Obama in the name of Democratic unity but we can get into the politics of that some other time). Clearly this is not just a pull at her most ardent supporters, but also a really nice way to end her campaign celebrating the fact that she has gone further on the road to American presidency than any woman before. More »

Maruione Shinjuku is a Japanese fashion retailer that typically revolves around gothic, lolita and punk styles. While other people tend to turn away from goths and punk, in Japan it’s become more than just some dark makeup. Thus Maruione Shinjuku brings to you the fourth annual Individual Fashion Expo on September 23, 2008 at the JCB Hall in Tokyo Dome City.

The Individual Fashion Expo showcases the global expansion of Japanese gothic, lolita and punk fashion. There will be 21 different iconic clothing brands that will participate in the show which will also feature both professional models and readers of the popular Japanese magazine, KERA.

Having nonprofessional, everyday people model is considered normal in Japan as fashion is for everyday people. And plus when you walk around Japan, you can see some of the trendiest people unlike some places where a wife beater and jeans is the everyday look. More »

Fashion Week is right around the corner and as someone who consideres herself a fashion addict, I can honestly say I’m really excited!As we all know, many designers showcase their upcoming collections during the event, and the coverage will be insane! Personally, as much as I love the fashions, I try not to get too caught up in the media driven hype since most of the time I totally disagree with what they deem as the new “it” line. However, there are a few designers that I am excited about: BCBG Max Azaria, Miss Sixty, Betsey Johnson, and Lacoste. More »

Tim Gunn and Jezebel got it right ages ago: Michelle Obama looks great. Her speech for the first night of the Democratic National Convention is getting all sorts of rave reviews right now as I type this, but I must also give props to her fashion sense - clean cuts, bright colors, age appropriate, Jackie-O nostalgic Maria Pinto dresses, that’s the way to go on the path to the White House! Tonight’s look was an aqua three-quarter sleeve v-neck dress accented with a jeweled decorative item placed where it matters - right at the base of the neckline so you can admire it as she stands behind the podium delivering her speech. A smart women in all matters of life that matter.

If you’re like me, you probably can spend hours online virtual window shopping. If so, then let me introduce you to Polyvore, an online community geared towards your inner fashion stylist. This site is amazing! I know I say that a lot, but it’s true!  After a quick sign-up, (seriously, it only takes,like, five seconds) you can head over to their ‘editor’ that allows you to compile full outfits and even rooms without breaking your wallet!

More »

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