I use to never carry a purse. I was such a tom-boy then again who wasn’t at age 12. Now is a completely different story. I have all sorts of purses that I pack with all my stuff. I absolutely love my purse and never-ever go anywhere without it even if it’s a short trip. Every girl carrise something different so here’s what’s in mine from left to right. This is usually what I carry on a daily basis but sometimes there’s more. I definitely need a bigger purse!

  • My XO tan wallet which carried the typical stuff – cards, money, etc.
  • Makeup bag obviously filled with makeup which you can see to the top right but that’s just the minimal stuff. I usually change it depending on what look I have that day.
  • Travel items like eye drops, hand sanitizer and lotion are a must for me. Traveling in NY isn’t easy and after a long day, it’s the only way I keep myself feeling clean. No I’m not a germ-a-phobic!
  • I use to carry a pencil case but that became useless after high school so now I stick with a trusty pen.
  • I love my Nintendo DS so wherever I go, it goes.
  • When I’m not playing my DS, I’m hooked to my Ipod which has all 1014 of my songs plus some TV shows and music videos.
  • To the right of that is my cell phone, Motorola MotoFone. I have a little pouch for it in my purse but usually I hang it around my neck.
  • And of course the infamous point and shoot, Sony Cybershot DSC W-50.

So what’s in your bag?

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My bag:
digi cam
lotion/hand creme
loose change
clear mascara
mini notebook


I use to carry a big bag, but now I just carry a clutch when I go out. Less to carry ^^

haha So true. raspberry I actually need a bigger purse for all my stuff.

XD Yes.  I work with kids.  I might as well act like one!

Are you in high school still? lol

I carry a messenger bag or bookbag . . . with a folder filled with stuff like timesheets, my planner that’s thin but the size of a regular notebook, my pencil case filled with pens, pencil, scissors, glue, highlighters, and whatnot, and gum.  Those along with pads, my 3-piece nail kit, and once in a while camera, NDS, books, and etcetera are in my bag.  Yes, I’m such a . . . nerd!

There’s more gadgets than girly stuff. haha

yeah you are. raspberry

i always have pashmina, sunglasses, phone, pens, tissues, tampon, wallet, keys, and books.

boy i’m boring =/

I carry just about that much and more because of school. ><

You carry a lot. o.o I carry my wallet and ds at the most. haha

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