I did a mini preview for Pop Cutie! Street Fashion Simulation back in August and now that it’s been release, I finally got around to playing it.

I’ve always loved sim games so naturally I’ve been hooked. I really got into it and have been frantically finding time between work hours to play. Although the game is simple, I find promoting my store and design clothes quite fun; maybe I should switch professions. The game leaves a lot of room for customization; not only can you design your clothes and store but you can also dress your character and your employees. Sometimes I find myself changing my employees’ clothes 10 times in 15 minutes – it’s the girl in me.

The game gets quite redundant after awhile: obtain words, design, sell and advertise. Btw in order to make clothes, you have to talk to people on the streets who will give you certain words to inspire you. And here I’m thinking “why don’t I just buy a dictionary“? But of course you can’t. While there isn’t much to do, you are given a set of goals but sometimes they can take awhile to complete.

The game is addicting like all sim games. There isn’t much to do but the customization is what gives the game flare. After a few more hours of playing, I’ll find myself getting bored and move on. While I do recommend the game, be wary that it’s just like The Sims.