If you didn’t know, I lived in Asia for the majority of my life before I moved to New York. I didn’t quite get into the Asian pop culture until I moved to New York (funny how that worked out) so you can only imagine how disappointed I am that I missed out on all the fun! Setting aside my regret, I very much love APop (Asian Pop) and even more so the hot Asian guys.

I recently had a conversation with a friend (who lives in Korea) that also loves APop like I do. We start talking about a Korean band called DBSK and well that’s what lead me to this post.

Here are my top fave Asian celebrity boys.

Kim Jae Joong

This hottie is from Korea from the fore mentioned band DBSK. He’s one of the favorites out of the band due to his good looks and as one of the most dominate singers in the group. I mainly just love him for his sexy hair but being a singer is a plus too.

Jung Yunho

Also from Korea and DBSK, Yunho is known as the leader of the group. He’s younger than Jae Joong by a few days and is popular for his sweetness. While he doesn’t have quite have Jae Joong’s sexy Asian hair, he is very adorable.

Lee Junki

He’s from Korea too (I just came from Korea, what can I say?) and is an actor. He’s one of the most popular actors and older than the previous two by a few years (he’s 27). He’ll soon have to do his mandatory military training which depresses me to no end but for the time being he’s still with us.

Oguri Shun

This one is from Japan! He’s best known for his role in the hit TV series, Hana Yori Dango (Boys Over Flowers). I can talk about the show for days but focusing on Oguri, he’s been in all sorts of shows/movies. He’s one of the rising stars in Japan and I can totally see why.

Prince Hisahito

This is the youngest one as he’s only 2 years old but he’s a Japanese prince! What more do I have to say? While he’s not really a celebrity, he’s just as cute and popular.

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Yay for Yunho! <3

Where are the men?

XD It’s funny how you miss something once you’re away from it.

And yay for DBSK boys.  I have no clue who the other two guys is, and awww the prince is cute . . . but not exactly legal, eh?

Lan no!!! Prince Hisahito?? hes not legal yet!!! OMG I totally agree with the other 4 choices though. Shun is love!!

Prince Hisahito?! haha You pedophile. ;P

Lol! I knew Jae Joong would make it.

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