I’m a big gamer. Well maybe not that big but I do love games. It’s pretty common now-a -days to see girls rockin’ the DS or jamming to Guitar Hero without question. And who can blame them? Games are fun to play and great for passing time on the train, waiting room or in general.

I started playing when I was a wee toddler and have been since. So here’s my list of games that I’ve loved over the years till this day. Btw none of them are actually for girls but they’re just as fun!

Final Fantasy VII (PS)
I love all the FFs really but this one is my favorite. The story is amazing and the guy is sexy. I wanted to marry him when I was kid. Ha!
The World Ends With You (DS)
Another Square Enix game, it’s pretty new compared to the rest. I really liked it also for the story and still play it even though I’ve beaten it.
Professor Layton and the Curious Village (DS)
I love puzzle games and this one is full of them. I can’t wait for the 2nd one to come out to the US.
Age of Empires II (PC)
I always wanted to rule my own empire and could with this game. It was educational for the most part and very easy to play at age 12.
The Sims 2 (PC)
Who doesn’t love this game? There’s really no task at all but I love building my dream home!
Counter Strike (PC)
The best part about LAN parties is games like this. It was easy to play and everyone had it.
Warcraft III (PC)
I only play for one part of the game which is online tower defense games. It was so much fun and while the strategy was the same for most maps, I always got a kick out of playing.
Golden Eye 007 (N64)
This was the coolest game on the N64 at the time. Well next to Mario Party.
Diablo II (PC)
I’m a sucker for MMOs and this was one of them. It wasn’t much fun on single player.
Time Crisis 2 (Arcade)
When we hit arcades, you can always find me on this one and I would blow all my money on it.

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lol my friends play wow all the time… it’s kind of ridiculous =P

the only game you play that i have any remote interest in is the sims....o.O

You’re so nerdy. ;P haha

SO OLD SCHOOL! haha You and I have the same taste.

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