Lately I’ve had such a craving for desserts. This always happens to me around the summer. But as you all probably know desserts can be a hassle to make. I definitely can’t stand being in a hot kitchen during the summer. So I spent last night looking for some easy to make desserts that are also light and pretty to look at. Pretty food just tastes better, everyone knows that!

Raspberry anyone? Just looking at this photo of raspberry mousse and I was in heaven. [Recipe]

Japan has amazingly cute desserts. Like anmitsu, or desserts made with kanten jelly, ice cream and fruits. [Recipe]

So many apple cranberry crisp recipes out there. Here’s one with oranges. Gee, I hope they don’t mind the referral traffic I give them. [Recipe]

If you want something really smooth, this ricotta cheese and vanilla cream is to die for! [Recipe]

Watermelon Granita is a great way to end the day. Trust me, it really hits the spot. [Recipe]