I’ll have a side of cute kitten with my burger, thanks. What? Why are you looking at me like that? I’m Asian, we don’t always eat dogs. Sometimes, you just gotta switch up the diet with a cute kitten named Nyanko.

Personally, I love the idea of Nyanko. I think it’s some sort of socio-cultural statement against people that tend to go crazy with the whole, “Do Asian people really eat dogs?” thing. A cute kitten found in food? It’s ironic. Irony = cute. If you happen to be Asian and you find yourself in a situation where people are cracking dog-eating jokes, just show them some Nyanko cat.

This particular Nyanko Cat plush toy can be purchased at From Japan With Love.

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Aha such an adorable cat in
a burger. It’s so cute
how Japanese people use
Nyanko for burgers not to eat but
to make it so adorable! ;3

Nice cat. lol

wow thats the cutest little thing

I’ll eat you up!

AHH! So cuuuute. Just in time for the holidays. GirlyBubble posts are quickly becoming my guide for Secret Santa shopping :)

that is wayyy too cute i want one!

This girl in my class was going mental. “If I ever see a Chinese I’ll rip their heads off.. because they eat cute innocent dogs!!” then turns to me and asks “Ayumi, what is your background?” and I had to say half Chinese. That sure shut her up. LOL

Anyways, yes I do agree. Ironic = cute. From far away, I thought this was actually real, but sweets. Yummm.. :P

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