Before you read on, there are just a few things you have to do to prepare for yourself. 1) Make sure you’re sitting down. 2) Stop operating any heavy machinery while you’re at it. 3) Give yourself plenty of room to have a few cute-splosions to yourself. There’s a reason why you need to be prepared and it’s because these Hello Kitty Youtube videos are too cute to handle!

1. Creamy - Little Kitty. This is actually a video composed of scenes from the original Hello Kitty cartoon series, to the tune of a reggae song. Oddly enough, the lyrics match correctly to each scene!

2. Hello Kitty 3D Animation. If you’re having a shitty day, I highly recommending watching this.

3. Hello Kitty - A Story Book Adventure. This might be the first and only time we get to see her mouth? And talking for that matter.

4. Hello Kitty in Cinderella. I really wish I would’ve seen this first before the Disney version.

5. Hello Kitty in Les Sacs Magiques Hello Kitty in French. I don’t think I need to explain myself.

This blog posting is part of the GirlyBubble Hello Kitty Special.

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super cute!!!! super like ko ha little kitty!!!

The first video, “Little Kitty” got stuck in my mind. The
“A Story Book Adventure” was really cute! :3 I wish
I could watch these on T.V. T__T I’ve never seen any of these
videos. I’m glad I saw them. (;

1. Creamy - Little Kitty: This is an odd video.

2. Hello Kitty 3D Animation: I felt like I was watching Barney. lol

3. Hello Kitty - A Story Book Adventure: I never found out about the cartoon until I was in high school.

4. Hello Kitty in Cinderella: I guess everybody has their version.

5. Hello Kitty in Les Sacs Magiques Hello Kitty in French: Way too fast.

very cute ive seen some of these befor

Jus gotta love anything Hello Kitty :)

Oh thats very cute. I’ve seen some of these :)
And look at the Moogle character in Final Fantasy IX. Doesn’t he look very inspired by Hello Kitty? Very cuddly too!


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