If I were to describe in words who San-X’s newest character Iiwaken is, you’d either laugh or be jealous…or both. According to what’s been posted on the official San-X site, Iiwaken is a loyal Shiba-Inu dog who spends its days waking up his salary man master or drawing with crayons. Wait a second…Shiba-Inu’s can hold crayons? I bet you’re just as impressed as I am.

Anyhow, if you’re curious about the etymology of Iiwaken’s name, the word ‘iiwake’ in Japanese means excuse. From this we can deduce that Iiwaken’s salary man master uses his dog as an excuse. Does that even fly in the Japanese corporate world?

Iiwaken plushies — I want them all!

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Awh Iiwaken looks so adorable! :3
The cell phone charm and plush looks cute.
This is such a cute shiba-inu doggy.

awwwww so adorable i love the phone charm

kawaii desu ne~ XD i love the phonestrap

suggest a link



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