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Superbowl happens in exactly one week from now. Chanel is quite aware of this. Well, okay you won’t see Karl Lagerfeld parading around the halftime show stage, but at least a Chanel football exists. If I were queen of the universe, I’d still let men have football as long as they’d be willing to toss around a Chanel-branded ball — haute football couture, if you will. Unfortunately, I am not queen of the universe. More »

When it comes to money, I’m almost Suze Orman good at using it. Note that you just read ‘using’ and not losing. Of course, it never used to be this way. I was once a dumb teenage mall employee making unnecessary purchases left and right. Who knew then that it wasn’t necessary to be buying 10 shades of the same thing? I certainly didn’t. Fortunately, over time, my spending habits have become more refined and I am less likely to make frivolous purchases. More »

When I was a kid, my mom used to pack me boring lunches with boring sandwiches made with boring bread slices. BORING! Sometimes it takes the spark of imagination to turn a drab old sandwich into something more lively. Funky Lunch came up with cute sandwich designs to make lunch creative and fun. More »

Target’s commercial with kawaii art duo Friends With You provides even more reason to love Target. I’ve always relied on Target’s $1 area for discount Hello Kitty goods and the random Mossimo item, but now I’m satisfied knowing that they’re marketing themselves as kawaii cute. The logic I’m hoping is, why not have cute commercials when they already help others (ie. me) look cute? More »

I’m not big on Cup Noodle instant ramen, (or instant ramen) but I think panda-faced fish cakes are enough to convert me into a fan. Who cares about the high sodium content of ramen when you have cute panda faces floating in your soup? Even better, Cup Noodle offers dog-faced fish cakes with this particular ramen. Unfortunately, it’s only available for Japan. Story of our lives here at GirlyBubble. More »

<Most of us were told as children that eating too much candy rots our teeth, but candy inspired accessories will not. For the fashionable girl with a sweet tooth, candy inspired accessories are a great way to show your love for fatty goodness without your dentist looking at you with disappointment. They come in many different assortments like purses, charms, rings, necklaces, earrings, and hair accessories. There are so many to choose from. It is like being a kid in a candy store! More »

Last time I flew overseas, I had a six hour layover in Taiwan. There was absolutely nothing to do other than having my sister push me around in a wheelchair. If I were stuck for six hours at Tao Yuan International Airport today, I would be amazed at the Hello Kitty airport lounge. The sheer boredom of white walls are replaced with the cute Sanrio visuals. What a way to wait for a flight in style! Maybe next time I travel to Asia, I will try to make sure I get a layover in Tao Yuan International Airport for the sheer purpose of sitting on their Hello Kitty themed chairs. More »

Radiohead’s True Love Waits song is one of few songs that are actually powerful enough to pull my heartstrings…to the point of breaking. With that said, it is no doubt on top of my list of the most romantic songs, ever. Unfortunately there is no studio version but there’s something hauntingly beautiful about hearing the live acoustic guitar paired with Thom Yorke’s voice. Give it a listen: More »

According to good ‘ol wiki (because I could not have put it any better myself),

“Latte art is a style of pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso that creates a pattern or design on the surface of the resulting latte. It can also be created or embellished by simply “drawing” in the top layer of foam. Latte art is particularly difficult to create consistently, due to the demanding conditions required of both the espresso shot and milk. This, in turn, is limited by the experience of the barista and quality of the espresso machine. The pour itself, then, becomes the last challenge for the latte artist.” More »

A year after the release of the first volume of Me and My Blythe, it was recently announced that Junie Moon will be releasing a second volume of the book. Within a span of two years, photo shoots were set up in various Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand to photograph fans and their Blythe dolls. More »

The spring 2010 haute couture Paris fashion week is in full swing and that means one thing and one thing alone — more haute couture works of art for us to die over. Die, as in the Rachel Zoe kind of death. For those not familiar with haute couture and how it’s different from ready-to-wear fashion, just know that haute couture fashion is more elaborate in process and materials and super custom-fitted. Meaning, you can’t just waltz into a fashion house and grab an haute couture piece off the rack. Your dress has to be fitted and it has to fit you perfectly. I mean, with the kind of money you’d be forking over — why not? Haute couture is only worn by a small, micro-sized group of people in this world. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop me from showing you my faves of this season! More »

I’m convinced that New York’s Grand Central Station is heaven on Earth just because of the cute dessert pictures I keep receiving. I know I’ve only been once before, but every picture makes me feel like I’m this much closer to heaven. Where I’m living now in Sunny California is kind of hell…I’m far away from bakeries or anything resembling a shop selling baked goods. Something about Californians being health-concious n’ shit. If you’re in New York, I’m jealous of you. More »

From Flauntme: So it turns out that chocolate does the body good inside and out (did you read this piece in the New York Times yesterday about chocolate and yoga?)! Having a piece of chocolate usually makes my day a little brighter, but did you know that it also has anti-inflammatory properties? Neither did I! I first saw chocolate wax being offered at a salon a few years ago, and I assumed that it was just being offered as a novelty. Then I looked into it further and learned that it does serve a purpose! More »

Admittedly I’m not the biggest Sex and the City Fan, but I am a fan of the Cosmopolitan, a drink made popular by the show. As silly as this sounds, drinking it makes me feel more like a grown-up — despite the fact that I am technically a…grown-up. It’s not too sweet and it doesn’t have a strong alcohol taste to it. It’s the perfect balance of both. It’s also perfect for girls’ nights out or cocktail parties as it’s one of the easiest cocktails to make. More »

Sofia of SouZouCreations is a Canadian living with her Japanese husband in Fukuoka, Japan. She sells an array of accessories on her Etsy store. The products range from earrings, pendants, and tie tacks, although the most notable accessory she carries in her store is her floating rings. There is nothing that says kawaii or Japanese more than detailed miniatures. The creativity and imagination of Sofia’s floating rings are both a unique and bold fashion statement. More »

Where can you buy a chocolate gift box for someone on Valentine’s Day?

If you’re a girl, then you’re probably thinking,

a.) How the hell am I supposed to know?? I get them. I eat them. End of story. b.) How the hell am I supposed to know?? I’ve only ever gotten those frikken condom roses. c.) How the hell am I supposed to know?? …I’ve never gotten one. I HATE VALENTINE’S DAY. More »

True story: A real close friend of mine met Joseph Gordon-Levitt at a Spirit Awards luncheon event. The story of her encounter is enough to justify him being the pick for Cute Boy of the Week. It goes like this; She was manning the front door for the luncheon when he pulls up in an unintimidating Honda Civic, by himself. Instead of being a bold, douche-y celebrity, he actually introduced himself to her in the most humble way possible, to sign him into the event. Later, he was really gracious when she approached him for an autograph. Being a humble, ridiculously good looking celebrity makes him not only the cute boy of the week, but…an overall cute boy. More »

From Flauntme: I’m not exactly sure how long Demeter Fragrances has been around, but it has definitely been a while. I remember being in junior high and sampling every Demeter spray in the collection pretty much every time that I went to the mall (yep, I even loved beauty back then!). They’ve always had some pretty off-the-wall scents, but most of them are shockingly accurate. I remember one of my favorites was Tomato, because it absolutely smelled like the tomato plants my mom grew in her garden.

I also recall loving the Sex on the Beach scent, although at the time I thought it was just a funny name and not a drink. Demeter has a whole line of cocktail-inspired scents that are definitely worth checking out! More »

Hasbros has recently created a Ouija board just for women. The only thing that sets the girls-only Ouija board apart from the unisex version, is the fact that it’s entirely pretty princess pink. Perhaps they’re subscribing to the idea that women tend to be more prolific spenders then men? That’s the only reason why a pink-ouija board is necessary in my eyes. Looking at its product description, one is lead to believe that you can’t ask a normal non-pink ouija board questions about boys, who will call or text you next or if you’ll be a famous celeb one day. More »

Joanna Newsom is a harpist, singer-songwriter, land animal, wood nymph, distant cousin of San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, and girlfriend of Saturday Night Live’s Andy Samberg. There is an ethereal, child-like quality about her that makes her seem like she is not of this planet. However, how many wood nymphs do you see wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin heels while playing the harp? More »

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