All this Emo Bunny needs are a pair of black skinny jeans and black thick-framed glasses and he’s set! I’m not sure why this bunny is so sad. He has better hair than most boys I know! Maybe it’s because bunnies are hardly ever picked for the weekly Cute Creature Feature? In either case, even if he looks this cute sad, I want to see him looking happy — he’s in the spotlight! Plus, we wouldn’t want Emo Bunny to hop off to cut himself.

Know of or seen a cute animal that deserves to be featured? Let me know, I’d love to feature your animal!

Source: CuteOverload

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That is an awesome bunny, I would put streaks in his hair.

aw he’s so cute

Poor bunny!

He’s giving me the evil eye! *runs*

Joking, he’s an adorable emo bunny ^^

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