When parents upload videos of their children online, sometimes it is cute, while other times it is not. In those cases where it is not cute, a child looks lost and awkward while obviously being directed by his parents off camera. But those other times when it is cute, the child is a ham for the camera and comes off with a certain charm about him. The five year old Japanese boy with a ukulele falls under the category of the latter. His videos have been making their rounds on the internet since late last year, and he has garnered a small cult following. That is not surprising find out. Whenever I watch his videos, I have a huge smile on my face.

It is insane to think that he has only been playing the ukulele for only a few months. This kid is something else.

Listen to him mumbling the lyrics to “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.

My. Heart. Just. Melted.

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I remember watching this video when it began to be popular.
He is so adorable! He plays the ukelele so well! His
face expressions are just so cute. :3

awwhhhh!! he is soo talented and adorable! he is really good! i cant even play a ukelele XD

i love the first one like he is so adorable im gonna lear how to play the uke lol aww *mummble* *mummble* ha ha so adorable

I wonder what he’ll be like when he’s older :P

**There was an error in the post. The boy has been playing the ukulele for a year, not a few months.**

That is so adorable! He plays better than I do! Haha. He’s the next Jake Shimabukuro.

Damn… I thought you guys knew of this already or I would have posted it aha :P

I personally like when he starts rockin’ out partway through


I love this!!! He is adorable!

such stage presence!

HAHAHAHA this is adorable! I love his interpretation of the lyrics. I also love that he is wearing a Comme Ca Ism sweatshirt in the Jason Mraz video… such a stylish little one!

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