Hello Kitty in 3D isn’t always plush doll or person-in-a-Hello-Kitty costume form. I know, I’m excited to tell you the latest 3D form I’ve discovered — claymation! On a recent trip to Youtube, I discovered the Hello Kitty Stump Village claymation videos. As per usual, Hello Kitty and friends are looking as cute as ever. And enticing. Something about things that look like dough or clay make me want to eat — you wonder why kids like to get their mouths on playdough, right?

The Stump Village videos were actually part of a DVD released by Geneon Entertainment a few years back. Not sure if it’s still available — if it is, let a sista know!

Something else to note — some Hello Kitty Stump Village videos have her animated with a mouth. Huh? Does her mouth only come out when it’s clay?