So recently, my cell phone charm fell off its strap. I was pretty devastated although somewhat unsurprised, seeing it was bound to happen sooner or later– after all, it was only $2 from Ichiban Kan. It was a feat in itself for it to have lasted that long anyways. But as you and I know, it doesn’t matter if something is not real– if it has a face, it will develop a sentimental value.

My phone feels incomplete. It would be a form of betrayal to have my goldfish charm replaced so quickly…but there is no harm in looking. Fancypocket’s Sweet Decor phone straps feature intricately detailed little desserts such as chocolate cream parfaits, cupcakes, sweet tarts, biscuits and even cream sodas. Made of silicon resin, these charms range from $10-$20 each.

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I would get hungry if I had one of those. LOL

i like the frog one. cute

suggest a link



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