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Lately, I’ve been listening to indie blogosphere favorite Ellie Goulding, a pop singer/songwriter from the UK. I kind of have a thing for British female singer/songwriters. I also have a thing for Ellie Goulding’s music video for Starry Eyed. The music video of course features stars, but also a unique form of stop motion filming that gives the entire video this ethereal dreamy feel. More »

Ever find yourself in Southern California wanting a cupcake? I know I do. Luckily The Great LA Cupcake Google Map created by the Los Angeles Times has you covered. Little cupcake icons mark cupcake bakeries all throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Why they specifically call it the Great LA Cupcake map, I have no idea. From one Orange County citizen to the rest of the world, Orange County is definitely not Los Angeles. More »

From Ziggytek: Luxury cell phones are practical jewelry that the affluent can carry about with them wherever they venture. The Porche Design P’9522 is for Porsche drivers who want to advertise their wheels. Stuart Hughes’ outlandish multi-million dollar iPhone is for the clinically insane. The ¥20,000,000 VERTU Signature Glorious Collection comes in four styles: Daigo, Nishiki Akira, Kikusui, and Southern. More »

Who says March Madness is synonymous with college basketball and not-so-cute or yummy tournament brackets? As far as GirlyBubble and Jezebel is concerned, March Madness for us is all about the Sweet 16. As in, Pie vs. Cake. What’s great is that everyone has a fair chance at playing regardless of if you’re all for pie or cake. More »

Artist Lisa Snelling creates fantastical art that tends to inspire stories. Defying classification, she uses a variety of materials and techniques, mixing two and three dimensions, kinetics and even writings. She is most known for her Poppet creations, which comes in various forms of art such as sculptures, figurines, paintings and toys.

So what are Poppets exactly and how did they come to be? More »

Nothing says sexy masculinity like a MMA cage fighter wearing Hello Kitty on his crotch. Nothing. Just look at the way he’s standing all gladiator statuesque-like, with his hands on his hips lookin’ like he’s out to cut a bitch. You mess with him, you mess with Hello Kitty. More »

I don’t normally use lipstick but I might just start…using lipstick ballpoint pens that is. More »

Cranberry juice stains are never fun. Especially if they’re coming from your Cosmopolitan. The White Cosmopolitan however, lacks that possibility — it’s a clear Cosmopolitan. Messy drinkers, rejoice…then read on for the recipe: More »

So recently, my cell phone charm fell off its strap. I was pretty devastated although somewhat unsurprised, seeing it was bound to happen sooner or later– after all, it was only $2 from Ichiban Kan. It was a feat in itself for it to have lasted that long anyways. But as you and I know, it doesn’t matter if something is not real– if it has a face, it will develop a sentimental value. More »

Health professionals in the Hello Kitty world, I present to you a recent medical finding that’s may or may not make a big impact in the Hello Kitty healthcare: Hello Kitty has teeth, but no mouth or claws. The proof is in this picture of Hello Kitty’s anatomy — trust me it’s nothing like your high school bio lab dissection assignment was: More »

For those of you wondering, a miniaudiere is “a small, sometimes jeweled case for a woman’s cosmetics or other personal objects, often carried as a handbag.” More »

Lady Gaga tweeted a picture of a “communist red” teacup she received recently for her birthday. Naturally, I am in love. How did the person who gave her the teacup know that communist red is my favorite color? Is it because I’m Asian? More »

Prom’s coming up and I haven’t been very helpful with providing conventional dress selections– this would probably be because I never considered it a matter of importance. In retrospect, for my prom, I had bought my dress two years ahead of schedule at a Night Market in Vancouver for about $20, simply because it was convenient and affordable. I was told I had no shame :] More »

I’m not exactly what you would call an avid baker, but I’ve seen a lot of measuring spoons in my life (except my tablespoon– some idiot lost it awhile back, how ridiculous). Often, they look like, well…spoons. There’s nothing wrong with spoons per say, but their mundane appearance tends to depreciate their value despite their important roles in baking/cooking, subsequently causing them to frequently be misplaced. More »

Studio Ghibli, the animation studio responsible for bringing My Neighbor Totoro to the whole world has recently animated a commercial for a Japanese food manufacturing company. The commercial features Konyara, the cutest cat…ever. Although the commercial is short and sweet, it’s tempting to say that Konyara is giving Totoro a run for his money. More »

Painter, illustrator, designer– Natasha Westcoat from Michigan creates vibrant works of whimsical characters and candied landscapes from which emotion and energy are expressed. Ranging from contemporary abstracts to pop art cartoons, her paintings have been described as a “riot of color and movement.” More »

Inspired by pop art, Urban Outfitter’s jewelry stand features an olive colored, metal lollipop forest planted on a distressed wooden base. More »

Ah, Lady Gaga and Cooking Mama. Two of my favorite loves combined make Cooking Gaga. Instead of cooking cute Japanese dishes, Cooking Gaga teaches you how to make useful dishes like poison diner sandwiches as seen in the Telephone music video. More »

From Ziggytek: Being the “world’s most expensive” can be an honorable title, but earning that label for a computer mouse lands your product in the stupidly rich category. At £16,200, the Pat Says Now diamond mouse’s ridiculous name is surpassed in idiocy only by its absurd price tag. More »

Ever wonder what it was about crayons that made that strange kid you knew in grade school eat them? Well, if you were curious as to what it would be like to eat some yourself, you can engage in your curiosity without even eating an actual wax crayon. Luxirare has taken the concept of a health bar and turned it into the shape of edible crayons. More »

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