Today’s cute creature feature courtesy of user Sunxiahine is a video of an owner who is feeding their kitten with chopsticks! Sounds a bit odd eh? Well, they use this technique in order to avoid the owner getting bitten or pounced by their pet. As seen in the video, using chopsticks to feed your pet, the kitten will sit up straight, balancing on their buttocks muscles. Great way to train your pet!

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Awhh, that’s an ADORABLE cat! (:
It’s face makes me smile since its flat,
and it’s wide eyes are just cute! >3<
Thanks for sharing!! :D

super cute.<3

thanks for sharing!:)

Kizuninha - 08/09/10 10:40 am

OMG!! A FAT CAT!! @_@ AUHAUah~~ I love cats~~~~ Ç_Ç"” BUt that is soo cuteeeeeeee~~ but~~ I feel bad for the cat ... XDDD It has to wait to eat… XD

LMFAO! A fat cat? Looks like a squirrel to me!

lol, too cute ><

aww, that’s a really cute cat xD
I first thought it was one of those robot animals o__o
I would do that for my pet rabbits but they eat hay..><;;

Aww..that cat is so cute..
Thanks for sharing Asia!

kyaaaa! xD Cute!
the cat reminds me of the cat from harry raspberry
Thanks for sharing!

OMG!! A FAT CAT!! @_@ AUHAUah~~ I love cats~~~~ Ç_Ç"” BUt that is soo cuteeeeeeee~~ but~~ I feel bad for the cat ... XDDD It has to wait to eat… XD

aww, thanks Sunxiahine, this is so cute!!
im surprised the kitty could stand up that long

That is so cute! Especially the kitty. ^^

Thanks for sharing! smile

Whaa that cat is so cute and fluffy!
I should try this at home as well whenever I get a pet ><

omg tats adorable xD
its so cute
goes on for quite awhile but so cute xD

OMG CUTE! Look at the little kitty! *w*
Thanks for sharing! :]

haha so cute!
Thanks for sharing!!

it even stands on its hind legs how cute !

weee. cute kitty.
thanks for sharing!

OMG Thanks for sharing Sunxiahine!~

Aww cute. good way of teaching a pet.
thanks for sharing this (:

KAWAII!!! thanks for sharing this video, Asia! ^^

Haha- this is so cute! ^^
Thank you for using my video! smile

hahahah XD
cute! thanks for sharing~

haha thanks for sharingg.

awwwwww too cute :DDD
thanks for sharing this ^^

aww, so cute smile
thanks for sharing XD

Thanks for sharing!

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