Yesterday I received this 19th Street Ribbon Accent Print Tee, courtesy of YesStyle, and I’m quite satisfied with it. I had a fun time with my little sister “analyzing“ the picture on it. We could see two women in dresses, but we couldn’t figure out their faces. I also like the cute black ribbon attached to this shirt.

I should have taken a picture of it before I wore it, because one of those bling-bling thingies actually fell off. Blame it on my fingers. They just can’t stay still if there’s something interesting on my shirt. I wore the shirt on my trip and the cotton material is comfortable. I don’t like wearing uncomfortable outfits on a long train trips. My only personal problem is my stomach when I’m full after a meal. This shirt doesn’t hide it.

You can purchase this shirt for $22.00. The product images show the shirt in black and white, but it seems only the black one is available. It is also nice that they provide it in two sizes, M & L, so there shouldn’t be the typical One Size problem.