This stunning flower walkway is the known as the “Wisteria Tunnel,” situated in the Kawachi Fuji Garden.

It really looks so peaceful to take a stroll through. Especially on a nice, calm day - maybe even while on a date?

Want to visit? Hop on a plane to Kitakyushu, Japan (closer to the Southern part of Japan or a 4-hour bus ride from Tokyo) to see this beauty for yourself.

I wonder what’s at the end of the tunnel - any guesses?

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Wow! it’s so beautiful

Wow.. it looks like something from a manga, when I saw the picture I thought it was a painting. I would love to go there but.. I wonder if I might get sick cuz I have asthma.

WAAHHHHHHHHHH… is this an actual pic??. it looks like a painiting,.
so beautiful,.!!!!  “tunnel to heaven”..

awesome. 0_0 I wanna go there.

wow. it looks magical!

simply gorgeous but how do they grow upside down? o-0?

wow!! pretty!!

Woah. That’s a real place? I thought it was a painting of some sort at first. Pretty! smile

that is amazing ~

Oh my gosh this is just so beautiful I would love to go there. Not on a date I might forget about him and take in the beauty. Oh Oh Candyland is at the end!!

Oh my gosh! It’s breathtaking. I HAVE to go there. It’s now on my list!!!! Thank you! 8^)

OMG. Japan has so many beautiful places to visit… I want to go there so bad!

woahhhh, gorgeousness<33

Really pretty~~ and me here… UHAUHAU~~ Anyway~~ I know I be there soon XDD haha~~

omg thats absoulutely beautiful <3

so pretty *_*

idk, I think I would be too in awe walking underneath that all that gorgeousness to ever want to get to the end of the tunnel…

beautiful. i want a canopy like that at my wedding =]

suggest a link



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