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I immediately fell in love after this picture. I mean, who can resist his cute, kawaii looks? His name is Miles the Ice Pop Doll, and he is a double popsicle. Too bad we won’t be able to split him down the middle. That would be terrible if we did that! More »

Instead of throwing out your old clothes, just make new ones! Simply cutting around your skirt can turn it into a multi-accessory. Choosing to keep it all connected, it can work as an infinity scarf, but so choosing to cut down the seem, I would say there are even more possibilities. More »

Well… maybe not a masters, but this would be one class that I would NEVER skip! A sociology professor by the name of Mathieu Deflem from University of South Carolina will be teaching a course next semester with the title of Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame — say what? Below is an excerpt from the course description: More »

Here’s a special cupcake from yours truly for your Halloween treat! Today’s cupcakes are mini devil’s food filling with cute little chocolate chip ghost expressions on the icing. It’s cuter than it is scary. Have a Happy Halloween everyone! More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature is about an adorable little puppy who gets nightmares from sleeping next to a doll. The puppy wriggles and yelps while sleeping and the doll… just lies there, next to him. Quite scary actually. More »

Say what? I didn’t know such thing existed. It’s probably because you never hear about people baking Winnie the Pooh cookies, but it’s not like Pooh isn’t popular. It just takes a lot of baking skills to accomplish it. It seems like someone has done it! Aren’t those cookies adorable? They are just too cute to eat! More »

Anything can be Hello Kitty-fied nowadays. To add on to the list, an indoor theme park has finally opened recently in Tokyo, Japan. The name of the new theme park is very appropriate – “Hello Kitty’s Kawaii Paradise.” More »

Today’s cupcakes are full of smiles. With fondant frosting and a cherry on top, you’ve got three very happy cupcakes. Bringing cheer to snack time, these look both fun and delicious! More »

Today’s user-submitted link, courtesy of nessanguyen, shows off Hello Kitty in a slightly more hellish light (dare I say Hell-o Kitty?), which is appropriate given that Halloween is fast approaching. This Hello Kitty Jack-O’-Lantern was carved by nessanguyen herself, with the aid of a Hello Kitty Pumpkin Carving Set from Williams & Sonoma. Although she does a spectacular job of making Hello Kitty more appropriate for the upcoming festivities, Hello Kitty still manages to retain her trademark cuteness. Oh well, nothing wrong with a little pinch of cute on Halloween! More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature is about a kitty who attempts to lift a dumbbell. Starting up with preparations, the kitty licks it’s paws to get a better grip and then uses all it’s might to try and lift it. As it twists, turns and topples over the dumbbell, the kitty gets even more feisty and attacks the dumbbell. More »

This eye-catching HP Garden Dreams Pavilion dv5-2129wm Special Edition Laptop is going on sale at Wal-Mart. Sporting a pretty floral watercolour design, 14.5-inches of a display screen and Windows 7 Home Premium, looking at this laptop during the colder days that are about to come may give you a warm feeling inside and the incentive to look forward to spring. More »

Congratulations to our previous Caption This winner eggy_O who submitted, “Hey pal, watch it! You’re stepping on my paw!” Playing is easy: Submit your own caption of the featured photo in the comments below. The creator of the caption we like the most earns 100 EXP points. More »

Just about the cutest sneakers to ever hit the market, Reebok is selling plush style Hello Kitty inspired sneakers! Fuzzy on the outside, but durable and strong on the inside. Tricked out with the signature bow, along with three different colors (white, black, and pink) to choose from. You’ve got some stylin’ jogging shoes! More »

Congratulations to user parkhaeri for correctly guessing the previous Photo Shuffle game with Zac Efron. Here’s the original image: More »

Today’s user-submitted link features a photo that has so many cute erasers. They come in many varieties too! All of them are so cute! I can’t actually choose my favorite. But if I had to, the Hello Kitty eraser would be my favorite. However, You might not be able to spot it. What is your favorite eraser? More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature is about an amazing dancing dog. This isn’t the dancing that dogs do when they just jump around on two legs, this bouncing pup does The Merengue and performs it perfectly with it’s partner. I think it dances better than me! More »

Today’s user-submitted link features a Hello Kitty lighter! Just a normal figurine of Hello Kitty but when you open it, there’s a small lighter inside. Cute and creative! This shows that lighters can be both cute and fashionable! More »

Today’s cupcake is HUGE! Made with one of those giant cupcake pans, today’s flavor is chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting on the bottom and peanut butter mousse on the top. Along with the sprinkles for decoration. It might take a while to finish this, but it looks delicious! More »

From Wirebot: Japan’s beloved robot cat, Doraemon, has himself an iDevice game called Doraemon Fishing. Although nothing about this game specifies that it’s an official Doraemon game, it was created with Doraemon’s 20th Anniversary in mind. 20 great years of Doraemon! So does this game do Doraemon any justice? More »

From Wirebot:

Mama has conquered cooking, babysitting, and even gardening. But her ambitions don’t end there. Cooking Mama Ltd. has recently filed a trademark for Camping Mama, which probably means that Mama’s set to hit the wilderness sometime soon. More »

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