I received this Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream, courtesy of YesStyle, and I want to say that I am very happy with it. After using the Missha M Vita B.B Cream (Matte), I wanted to try this one because everyone was spazzing over this product. I wasn’t sure why, so I decided to give it a try. There are a couple of things different about this product. The first thing I noticed was its pump, which was quite convenient to use. When I tested it out, I didn’t even use one full pump! The second thing that was different from the Missha Matte B.B Cream was that this handy-dandy product has an SPF of 42! The former only contains 20, which is still decent.

Besides those two facts, I personally think they are pretty much the same. They give great coverage, brighten up my face, and are long-lasting. The good thing about this one is that it comes in two shades: No. 21 Light Beige and No. 23 Natural Beige. I chose No. 23, and I thought it matched my skin tone.

Interested in buying this? You can get this for $22.00 at YesStyle!

(DISCLAIMER: Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream was provided to me courtesy of YesStyle. This review does not reflect the opinions of Missha M Perfect Cover B.B Cream or YesStyle but of myself. )