Rapper Nicki Minaj has recently been making her mark and letting the world know that she has arrived with her outgoing fashion sense and unique voice that can surely make heads turn. Her debut album “Pink Friday” is being released November 22 but fans get a taste of what to expect with the early release of her playful cover art.

I’m sure that without me even saying anything, you guys probably pick up a Barbie-esque feel from her album concept. You can see it in her “Pink” font choice or the glamorously girly mood that her outfit gives off with her perfect pink hair and those blank and doll-esque eyes that make it seem as if she were one.

I also find it interesting to see just how much Nicki brings the Barbie-type effect into her image, like with the could-be-risque outfits that she wears, she presents herself in more of a kooky and lighthearted way instead of emphasizing the sexy factor which makes people accept it in a positive light. But they still see her as sexy, it’s just not the only thing they focus on.

It then reminds me sort of how Barbie was, I mean not all of her outfits were everyday wear either but because she wore them with confidence and pushed that to girl empowerment, it made it possible for little girls to dream big with thoughts that they could do or be anything in the world.

Which leads me to feel like that might be what Nicki is doing with her Barbie-esque inspiration, pushing the possible that young ladies of today don’t have to try to be like what they see, that it’s possible to just be confident and do what you want, even if it doesn’t match what everyone else is or expects of you.

Slight rambling from me … but I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this - feel free to post them down below.


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0_0 looks different…

i think she got shocked by something or someone… hahha

Her expression scared me. T_T But thanks for sharing. smile

wah,. scary,. >.<
so freaky,. ><

Eww. ugly!!!! Yeah that Barbie thing in real life would look ugly. I’ve heard and read that before.

It is shopped, she’s supposed to be a Barbie doll, apparently Barbie Dolls resemble long legs, no arms, and looks like you may be suffering from an illness.

ok well no ofense but it looks like it was photoshoped since her leg looks so obviously longer than her body by at least 1 foot.not to mention where did her arms go? behind her?… in my opinion it should have been called"DoLL"

JinraIlustrisimo - 10/20/10 8:59 pm

I’m trying to figure out if there’s any symbolism to having missing arms.

LOL i didn’t even notice her arms missing! i was trying to wonder why her legs were so long and creepy looking.. haha

I’m trying to figure out if there’s any symbolism to having missing arms.

It’s borderline creepy. Is it just me or do her legs look waaaaaaaay too long?

definetly can see the barbie concept… but kinda creept >.< but it’s unique smile

woah LOLL thanks for sharing!!!

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