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- This is the first time I ever saw a Pancake Mountain.

- Gwen Stefani’s new Harajuku Lovers and L.a.m.b. Macbook Pro Sleeves receives a thumbs up from the audience

- I really love this antique-looking Laser Cut Wood Rings

- Do you love vampires? If so, you’ll definitely love this Vampire iPod Cover!

- Rain comes from your ears with these adorable Happy Cloud Felt Earrings. More »

The cute and quaint little cafes in Tokyo, Japan are stunningly beautiful! In such a warm and comforting environment, and still having all the details to make your stay there exquisite! The art they bring into their foods is sure to bring a smile on your face. More »

A very close friend of mine recently gave birth to an adorable baby girl, and the Aunty Asia spirit has come out of me. Every time I see baby products now, I can’t help but want to buy it all! So here are few cute and adorable, and totally natural and organic must-have items for your baby. More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature is about an adorable, perfectly cute puppy. It’s got velvet-like fur, big puppy eyes, cute little paws and an adorable smile on it’s face. This is just too cute for words. I am slightly outraged at how the owner holds the puppy, take care of that thing man! More »

Today’s cupcakes are courtesy of user Kizuninha. With the cold weather on it’s way for some of us, hopefully the snow is included! If not I am sure cupcake snowballs will be a fine substitution. These little guys would be a cute little treat to make for Christmas time, wouldn’t they? More »

- A lady calls two adorable puppies ‘sweater puppies‘!

- New Kawaii games! — Kosmo Spin

- Prevent cup marks by using these adorable Apple Application Coasters!

- MMM.. Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich with food dye and edible bejeweling

- Chocri Personalized Chocolate Giveaway winner has been announced! Congratulations Troy. More »

Today’s user-submitted link courtesy of sky_gel02 features wedding cookies! These cookies are so cute and romantic. I can tell the amount of effort putted in these cookies to get the bride and groom all dressed up nicely. More »

With the seventh Harry Potter movie hitting the theaters soon, why not celebrate this occasion by doing Harry Potter-related activities? There are so many great merchandise that you can utilize to be in that wonderland. One of those great things is the Harry Potter Lego Board Games! More »

Today’s Cake of the Day is this cute smiling food cake, which was shared with us by andithinkitstru. I love the carrots! They look so happy; it’s such a happy cake to look at. Plus, it looks so yummy! What do you think of this happy smiling food cake? More »

A newly innovative piece of technology titled the ‘Original Slush Mug‘ brings delicious slushies to your home without having to buy super expensive slush makers. All you have to do is freeze the mug’s liner or Glaciercore in the freezer, wait around 8 hours or so and pour in your choice of flavors. More »

Today’s user-submitted link courtesy of kpoplover1215 features a website link to Haute Cute. Haute Cute is an online store that sells one-of-a-kind and custom made items such as rings, stickers, necklaces, toys, dolls and etc. All the items that they sell are super cute. I really love their collection of Pins and Brooches because you can tell that they are made by hand and are all really adorable. Below are somepins and brooches available at Haute Cute: More »

Today’s cupcakes, courtesy of user MyRedKeds, features the Seasame Street gang! The way they used the icing is so interesting looking. I really love Big Bird’s expression in this, I couldn’t help but laugh. Don’t they all just look so yummy? More »

Holidays are coming up and the best thing to do is celebrate Christmas and New Years by buying presents! Or, you can just gift your loved ones a present for the sake of it. Especially men — they don’t know how to shop for girls so this guide will definitely help them/you out! There are numerous cute things under $20, but I’ve chosen cute things that I’m sure your friends or loved ones won’t remind receiving. More »

Today’s cake of the day is this cute Totoro cake, with Mei laying on top of him. This cake was shared with us by Kizuninha. What do you think of this cake? It’s so cute and perfect for any Totoro or Studio Ghibli fan. Thanks again to Kizuninha for sharing this cake with us! More »

Do you know the cute cat from that picture? If not, then it’s Winnie!. Winnie is known on Youtube for being a banana lover. One of the FourFourreaders gave him a gift. Not surprisingly, it was a banana bed! More »

Dogs are almost like human. They can do anything as long the owner forces them, are trained or just do it naturally! It gets really surprising see all the things dogs can do that resembles a human. Some are hilarious too! Below are 10 photos of dogs doing abnormal things: More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature is about a kitty who gets rewarded with a banana… for being a banana. The kitty got dressed up as a banana split for Halloween and after all the Trick-or-Treating, a banana is offered to the kitty while the owner gets all the candy. Nom Nom Nom, yummy. More »

This week’s episode of Gossip Girl was painful for me to watch. The Team Brooklyn, which consists of Jenny, Juliet, and Vanessa, was on their way of destroying Serena’s life. I couldn’t really understand some of the scenes, but I ended up getting the gist of it. Here are the highlights: (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT). More »

- Monster Success Stories Office Supply Giveaway! — Enter now!

- Send Christmas wishes on these KawaiiPunk Christmas Cards!

- Pimp up your Twitter with these Pretty Poodle kawaii twitter background!

- I’m surely to try making my own DIY creative BBQ Marshmallows!

- Kawaii Japanese Nail Spectrum courtesy of Ageha Nails. More »

Today’s Cute Creature Feature comes with it’s very own Chanel bag! This adorably fluffy puppy is sitting comfortably inside the bag and staring at you with those big, innocent eyes. This pooch has already got a luxurious Chanel product, what more could it want? More »

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