As Valentines Day approaches, we all love to find those adorable Valentine cards which make us all feel loved and want to keep forever, here are ten I have found which I thought were adorable.

This one caught my eye, its so cute how the people pop up when you open the card, isn’t it really cute? I love how the two people are holding hands and there is a love heart above it. We all want a picnic in the park with that special some one right?

This cute toast card is adorable isn’t it? I love the two pieces of bread in the middle its a really unique card to give to that special some one, whats even cuter is, that ones peanut butter and the other one is jelly meaning putting them together would be perfect!

This cow card is for animal lovers! I loved this card, and you can get a collection of these with jigsaw pieces or bees. I found this cow card really cute!

These cards are really cute and unique I love how cute they are. I love the two rabbits in love on them too! I’m not sure if they are actually cards that open up but they sure are cute!

This card I found and liked because of the many pieces of decoration on it, it’s really cute but also very vintage style. It stood out to me while I was looking for cards.

I love these fruit cards, especially the one saying “we love you berry much” It is so sweet and childish as well. I love how the fruit have got smiley faces as well!

This love bird card is so cute, I love the 3D effect on it too. It’s so cute yet so simple as well. The bow makes it even cuter don’t you think?

Of course there are the classic Hello Kitty Valentines cards which have to be on this list of 10 cute cards, aren’t they adorable? Hello Kitty cards are definitely so cute

This simple card caught my eye, it is so cute and simple that its a perfect card for anyone to give to that special some one! A simple biscuit with the words, “You’re amazing is so cute!”

The final one on my list of 10 cute cards is this amazing card, which has pop out hearts on it, so when you special person opens the card, hearts pop out at them isn’t it cute? It’s a great one to give to some one you love.

Which card do you like the best?

This blog post is part of the 2011 Valentine’s Day Special. Head here for more details and related stories!