For the couples that have been together what feels like forever, finding the other pea in their pod, and all the other couple analogies that describes their other half as the one they want to spend the rest of their life with - a marriage proposal is the likely next step for them to take. But with the most direct way to ask “Will you marry me?”, it’s no fun to see it coming, which is why my heart wanted to cry out that my future hubby will pop that special question in an adorably, memorable way like these 5 Cute Proposals that I’ve gathered up for you guys.

1) Graffiti Proposal

His creative art skills shined to ask her in his own way and ideally a permanent proposal for everyone walking by to see and check out her answer, which became the finishing touch to this graffiti portrait.

2) Starbucks Proposal

Sometimes a simple and quiet proposal can be the best, like this one where coffee indulgences take a sweet as sugar twist. The idea to hide the question sits calmly in her coffee cup as they sit in a cozy atmosphere with their drinks. Though I’m sure he was nervous, waiting until she drank enough of her coffee to see the message and give her his answer.


3) Super Mario Proposal

My love for this classic Mario game makes me smile to see it hacked and used in such a nerdy cute way.

4) Polaroid Proposal

This has to be one of my favorites ideas that ended up being executed in a way that would melt your heart if it happened to you or just from watching. The full story here fills in all the details but sighh so much for this charming proposal.

5) Proposal Dance Routine

This one is seriously so planned out and you can just see the love flowing out from him to his to-be-fiancée, totally just just aww and awe-inducing from start to end.

Hope you enjoyed my picks, though I would guess that most of us aren’t exactly to this point yet but still it’s nice to get such a heartwarming feeling watching these. Any favorites for you guys? Or share ones that you’ve come across too!

This blog post is part of the 2011 Valentine’s Day Special. Head here for more details and related stories!

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I love the Polaroid and the dance one the most! Totally romantic! Thank you so much for sharing. =]

i like polaroid proposal the most~!!

aw i liked the super mario and the starbucks ones. they’re so sweet (:
the polaroid one seems like i’d take a lot of work~
thanks for the list

I love the polaroid proposal. smile

cute. it’s getting harder to be original nowadays. thanks for sharing.

wow,. so sweet,. love it,.

aww the polaroid one would be super memorable <3

LOL imagine for the third one if the girl had lost LOL they’re all so cute!

AHH SO CUTE :D I love the proposals~~

I like number 4 the most ! Very creative .

They’re all very creative and heartwarming ways to propose.
All of them must’ve had a lot of effort put into it smile

OMG.. HEAPS CUTE! I love the dance routine… Different and awesome!

It’s nice to know that people can also be creative when it comes to proposal smile

wow, so touching! like all the proposals^^

omgsh. the polaroid proposal<3

those are all really great ways!

hehe neat stuff !

aww some of these are really cute proposals. these girls are lucky
thanks for sharing!

AWWWWWWWWWW!! <3 That’s so cute smile I really like the Dance one smile Those girls are luckyy xD

Those are so adorable!!! I loved them all!!!

so cute xD

the polaroid proposal is sooo cute <3 the mario one is pretty sweet too ^^

i like teh super mario one xD

aww sweet! i like the proposal dance routine <3

i like the mario one
thanks for sharing

aww sweet!! i like the mario & the dance :D

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