DIY (Do it yourself) is a new Girlybubble feature, and to start off, the first DIY shows you how to make a cute Pikachu beanie! Are you a big Pokemon fan? Then you’ll have fun making and wearing this beanie! It is pretty simple to make and costs less than buying a beanie, so what are you waiting for? Try it out!

You can also experiment with changing the color and ears so that you can make different animals, which is what I did. I made a pink one with bear ears, and it turned out so cute! It makes the perfect accessory for a Halloween costume or a costume party or just to wear for fun.

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cute! i wish i had one! :D

Reedie shall try to make >:D… When I have less hw >w<

aww..that’s so cute...pikachu..XD

I NEED TO MAKE ONE!!!! smile

When i read The Title I Just Went
This Is Soo Cool!!

oh my!! i want it^^ pika pika! thx for sharing!

hahah~ SuperCool!!~ I wanna try someday~

that’s really neat~ i really want to make one now raspberry
i should make one for my little brother. he’ll love it LOL
thanks for sharing!

I think I’m gonna try this out! I want to make a kitty cat one smile

oh cute. i might try this out

That’s soo cool!! This means I don’t have to waste my money buying a lot of cute beanies >.<

So cool! I might try this once I have more time. :D

oh dang! will definitely try this one day!
thanks for sharing the video!

OMGNESS! This is too cute! I wish I was coordinated and talented enough to sew my own hat! I am not good with sewing! Thanks for sharing! 

wow that soo cool!!

this girl is awesome! i’m her subbie :D

Thanks! I alwaya wanted those kind of hats, now I can make my own pikachu hat.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing ^ ^

haha, wow, that’s so awesome! I’mma try it one of these days because it looks really awesome :D Cute!

so cutee hehe ^^
I’m one of those lazy people who don’t like to experiment with things but I will attempt this since I love pikachu chu chu!

aww that’s kyute

cept i cant pull it off cuz...erm...i’m kinda chubs.

this is a really cute idea. i don’t know where to get the fabric though:|

Omg thats so cute !
Im going to do this for my friend’s birthday(:

that looks so cute!! might try to make this when i have time smile
thanks for sharing!~

Needs fabrics to make this happen asap.
Thanks for sharing! PIKACHU <3

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