Today’s Cute Girl Watch features Swedish singer/actress/television presenter Amy Diamond, born Amy Linnéa Deasismont (she named herself Diamond as it is her birthstone). Diamond released her first album, This Is Me Now, when she was just 12 years old and is well known for her song What’s in It for Me. She created a host of fans in northern European countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland as well as Poland.

What’s in It for Me was the most played song in Poland in the year it released there and since then, the triple threat lady has released six albums and creating an actress and television host name for herself. Diamond is the youngest person to have achieved a Greatest Hits album in Sweden.

Diamon’s father is her manager and she considers education to be a very important thing as it is something she can turn to should her other activities decline (although being a triple threat, I’m quite unsure how that could happen!) Her other interests include hairdressing and in school, Diamond enjoys math, PE and sewing.

I quite like the fact that she is very open-minded and seems very sensible, but has been so successful although she’s only eighteen! Let’s take a listen to her very first single…

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