Shopping can be quite a hard task, with technology nowadays being so easily accessible, you might have to decide between shopping online or shipping in stores. The downside of shopping online is that you have to pay shipping and handling fees but these major retailers might just give us another option: ship-to-store!

Here is the list of stores that do offer this option so that you won’t have to pay shipping costs:

1. Nordstorm
What’s good about this is that not only can you save on shipping, you can try on clothes and if they don’t fit-return/exchange them right in the store!

2. Walmart
Walmart now has a “Pick Up Today” option, which lets you choose certain things you want online, and then pick it up in stores a couple of hours later. They expect to have this available in all stores by June.

3. JCPenney
Most items can be shipped to the store for free and then picked up after 4-7 days.

4. REI
Shipping time varies, but it will say at the side of your checkout item.

5. L.L.Bean
Most in-stock items can be shipped free in around a week.

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