A bit unexpected to find Hello Kitty in this particular office supply. Though who would be able to resist after seeing these adorably shaped paper clips that I, personally, would find scattered papers to fasten right away.

The gold and red ones are my favorites and I am in love with how they even made it a point to include her signature bow into the design.

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wah,. I want some!,.. mmh,. !!

Can someone help me find them?

soo cute!! i want this!!
thanks for sharing

aww..cute.. i want this..XD
thanks for sharing!

soo cute
i want them

OMG they’re so cute >_< I want them! ahh, where can I get it ? :/

i’ve collected some cartoon-inspired paper clips and haven’t seen the ones from Hello Kitty. Although I’m not that into HK, but they do look cute!

Sooo cute!! i wanna buy some :D
thanks for sharing ^^

omg..i love hello kitty..and they look so cute..huh,,


I want those paper clips. I would love to collect paper clips, then. D:

It is so cute!!! HEllo kitty overload!!! <3<3<3<3 LOVELOVELVOELVOELOVE

this is so cute! want to buy them so much :D

Wow. So cute! I love the detailed bow as well. 

That is so cute! They look like rubber bands ^^ I want those paperclips!

i like the metalic one..it attractive!

These are soo cute, it will go well with anything type of paper. I liek the gold/metallic one because it looks so pretty.

I like the metallic ones, makes them look more valuable smile

that’s so cutesie...thanks for sharing!

omg so cute! i like the pink one XD

These Are Soo cute
I Wonder Where I can Buy Them


esepcially the golden ones <3
thanks for sharing

omg these are cuuuute~ i totally want to get some now

wow those are soo cute!!

omggg, i want! those are so cute <3

Oh those are so adorable. I didn’t know that they even existed. Thanks for sharing!

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