We offered a $50 H&M gift card in The Super Cute Boys 39 Days of Giveaways yesterday. You had to answer, “What are some things you have purchased from H&M?”

Thank heavens I only have to mention a few things otherwise I’ll be here all day!
Well my favorite item has to be my black leggings which have leather panels on the front….they look perfect for a night out!
I also remember a lovely lace floral dress I bought a couple years back for summer which I loved wearing all the way through the season. Sadly it’s not with me anymore!
OH MY! I can’t forget my black all fur russian hat I got for the winter just pasted! They sold so quickly, so I’m glad I got one. =D Pumpkinjuice

i buy oversized jumpers and sweaters there ^^ so cute~ caekktran

JUST YESTERDAY !!!!1 I bought my new dress for Prom smile It’s the best than ever *i think* It’s a good deal, it cost 40 bucks for a white strapless dress smile IT’S REALLY REALLY CUTE smile Thanks H&M;for the styles qphung19

I bought a long, white tank top that goes with anything and just everything! it’s so cute. The other day I was there I saw a really cute green bag that I really want but it was $36 and I was low on money so I couldn’t buy it :( I wish I could have. mnvism

I buy tops, skirts and lots of jewelery from H&M; hanabyul

i bought a maxi dress, skinny jeans a jumper(i love the jumpers there) xx
i usually go there because the town center is very close to my school x beauty0cutie

ummm, nearly my ENTIRE WARDROBE is from H&M;XD

Most of my outfits are from H&M;. There’re a lot of great stuffs there. I’ve bought a white scarf, 2 coats (one black one white), tank tops, shirts, etc and I love them! <3 alicekyu

I’m obsessed with their tops! When I have enough money, I buy some of their underwear. My friend’s given me a scarf from H&M;, they’re so soft. :Q xraines

i have bought vests, dresses, bags, and accessories from there christine88

I usually buy those longer shirts and jackets from H&M;.
I love the graphic T’s and such~ <3<3 SL_of_CPHS

I was just their on the weekend, and I bought some new long tank tops. I wanted to get some skinny jeans too but they didn’t have my size. NabiChou

I forgot to bring my concert clothes to school for my orchestra concert once, so I popped in the H&M;in the neighborhood, grabbed a new set of black clothes, and was saved! H&Ms;are all over NYC, so they’re pretty convenient in times like that.

I also found a cool hoodie for a friend once, and a big, fluffy, white, knit scarf that reminded me of a scarf I’ve seen Taemin wear once! That scarf in particular made me pretty happy. :D leafling

H&M;is awesome, I always go there to shop! I have loads of t-shirts and shorts from there. I like their hair accessories too and I think their socks are so cute! I also almost always pick up a pair of shades from there kaddu

I go to H&M;all the time! I’ve purchased shoes, jewellery, hair accesories, t-shirts, other shirts, sweaters, pull-overs, jeans, track pants, leggings, baby clothes (for my cousins), men clothes (for my dad), maternity clothes (for my sister), undies, & tank tops. happylemon

omg, H&M;! :D woohoo! ^^
umms… i have purchased some really pretty shirts and a nice sweater. i also got some cute and CHEAP knee socks that were on sale for a dollar!! they’re so warm and stylish too~ ^^ i think i got some accessories there too LOL like some rings and necklaces :3 babybluebonny