I’m sure a lot of you absolutely love Hello Kitty, but what if this well-known kitty was actually a bunny? With Easter just around the corner, let’s look at some adorable plushies of what she would look like if she was a bunny!

Hello Kitty Bunny Cotton Candy Machine Mishap

Hello Kitty Bunny Super Cuddley Baby

Hello Kitty Bunny Accidentally Got Into the Washing Machine

For some more adorable Hello Kitty pictures as bunnies, click here.

I like the Hello Kitty Bunny Super Cuddley Baby plushie the best, what about you?

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OMG,. can’t choose,. they are all so cute,. gosh!!

omg… that’s adorable LOL
saw something similar to that in a store this morning =w=
totally made my day >:3

these are adorable! i always wanted one of these~ <3

omg how cute! the 2nd one looks the cutest!
thanks for sharing!

omg soo cute!! i want Hello Kitty Bunny Cotton Candy Machine Mishap

soo cute~ thx for sharing

Bunny Super Cuddley Baby outfit really adorable^^

hello kitty as a bunny is so cute.

this’ll be nice.
so cute smile
hellokitty will be more hug-gable and cute ^^

omgsh that is so cute! i esp like the cotton candy machine mishap one

hehee dat would be cutee ^^

just like that pigrabbit :D <3

AHHH SO CUTE! xD thanks for sharing!

I like the first one the most! Hehe.

hello kitty looks cute being a bunny or a kitty >w<


awwww why is hello kitty so cute~ thanks for sharing

i love all of them ! they’re so cuteee ... i want one ! ~~ <3

cute!! I WANT ONE!! <3

i love hello kitty
very cute

OMG! That is just so cutee! ^^

It is still cute! I love Hello Kitty! I want one! <3

these are so cute<3! i want one! 

hello kitty as any animal would most likely be adorable and this is no exception! why is hello kitty bunny so adorable? >_<
these plushies would be best for young children and possibly myself raspberry
it’s too cute to resist!

So cuteeee
<3 !

omg sooo cute
specially the Hello Kitty Bunny Cotton Candy Machine Mishap

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