Today’s pair of Cute Shoes, courtesy of Shineelovee, features Kawaii Cupcake flats! These shoes make me want to eat a cupcake right now! The pink and black colors compliment each other very well, and plus, there are pink buttons as decor! Who’s craving sweets?

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i adore these flats to death

so cute!
i want one :D

the shoes are adorable

soo cute with prine of cupcake!!

I like the buttons!
Thanks for sharing^^

They look so cute!!! <3
Thanks for sharing!!~

Aw they look cute and sweet (:

omg soo cute

love the shoes. So cute smile Thanks for sharing

i thought it was chocolate - made at first xD

so cute ..
wanna have these shoes T^T
thanks for sharing ~~

these are such adorable flats! the only thing I don’t like it the buttons or whatever it is at the top. other than that it’s fine to me ^^

ah these are so cute! cupcake flats love it so cool

suggest a link



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