Today’s User Link was sent in by kimnguyen_ and is a photo of these cute Takochu bath toys! These could be the new rubber ducks! Aren’t they adorable I really like the one with the strawberry on the side of their head! What do you think of these?

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awww cute! :D
thanks for sharing! :D

cute bath toys~! ^^

too cute bath toys. thanks for sharing this kimnguyen_!

I WANT ONE! They’re so cute. Where do I get one? lols :D

OMG they soo cute!! i want play in the bath with them!!

omg they’re all so adorable and colorful! i want all of them!
thanks for sharing!

can i please have all of these? *O*
thanks for sharing!

Ahah, they’re so adorable!

Aww, it comes in so many different colors. It’s so cute and tiny. Thanks for sharing.

aww they’re just too cute!
Thanks for sharing^^

gaaah >< too cute! lol I want those octopi…

so cute XD I want them!!

these are too cute, i want them
thanks for sharing ^^

wow so cute ^^ hah i want them now X3
thanks for sharing ^^

this is sooo cute i just want to om nom nom them up ahaha

i love how besides the tako..there are buns HAHAH >< <3

thanks for sharing :D!

.,soooo cute...wanna collect some of it..hehe

They’re not bath toys, they’re collectable stackable octopus figurine things you can get from gachapon (capsule) machines. smile

wahhahaha.they are so cute! i wanna own them all

So adorable! So if they’re bath toys, do they squeak and are they squishy as well? Hehe.

i cant say for sure with my own eyes that those are bath toys since they are so small but regardless they are super cute tako’s

This is adorable! I want all of them! XD
Thanks for sharing! <3

omg. kewt kewt kewt!!! <3
^w^ lols.
kewt lil octopuses. ^^
i like the 3 clear purple ones.
thanks for sharing~

Gahhh!! too cute!! another reason to want to be a little kid again ):

OMGNESS!! These are totally adorable!
I totally want all of them! ^_^
Thank you for sharing

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