With summer coming up fast, I’m sure most of you are already craving those yummy cold treats that keep you cool in the hot weather. And if you’ve worked hard this school year and finally finished those final exams, I think it’s time for you to treat yourself to some of these delicious summer treats!

1. Homemade Lemonade - Homemade lemonade is a simple, yet refreshing treat that is a great way to start off your summer.

2. Shaved Ice - Shaved ice is really easy to make and is such an enjoyable treat during summer parties with friends and family.

3. Homemade Smoothies - Instead of going out to get cool smoothies, have some fun by making your own! Who doesn’t love making homemade smoothies during the summer?

4. Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits - Enjoy a healthy and yummy parfait to brighten up your summer day.

5. Ice Pops - You can always make your own ice pops with a simple recipe, or try experimenting with different flavors to see if you can come up with a new favorite.

6. Sorbets - With so many different flavors out there, you’re bound to find one that you’ll really love this summer.

7. Frozen Yogurt - Forget the ice cream truck and head on over to your local frozen yogurt shop for some yummy froyo! The best part is being able to add any topping you want.

8. Ice Cream Cake - It’s always nice to have ice cream with your cake, and it’s even nicer in the summer.

9. Frozen Blackberry-Lemon Chiffon Pie - Aside from looking pretty, I have a feeling this pie would taste lovely too. It looks great for summer potlucks and picnics!

10. Ice Cream Sandwiches - I’m sure everyone loves eating ice cream sandwiches to cool down on a hot, summer day.

There are so many yummy desserts and treats that come along with summer! What’s your favorite summer treat?

This blog post is part of 2011 Summer Hot List Special.