And she’s only 13 years old. Suddenly, Rebecca Black seems well on her way to becoming a millionaire, perhaps the youngest ever. Though her much controversial video, “Friday”, is no longer on YouTube after a brief bout of a $2.99 rental fee, both video and song are in the midst of a bitter battle between Black’s layers, the producers who allegedly wrote the song, and the studio that helped record the song.

For every 1 million views from ads, YouTube receives $1, and shares 68% of that money with the creators. It received around 137 million views in March and the video should be around $115,000, though the number could be higher with more views. That and the song received 160,000 downloads, making about $200,000, in just April alone.

Though controversial, the song has earned Black a spot on TV shows and her song has been sung (and parodied) by many celebrities.

Six figures. Really? Wow. How much of that will she see after this legal battle, though?


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Dayum. You get ‘em girl! XD

thats alot of money! XD
thanks for sharing!

I heard about this earlier. It’s really impressive despite the criticism. I like it how she donated her money to Japan and her school. much money for a young girl…

she is 13 but she made so much money with that one song
congratz to her
thanks for sharing

sujucherry - 06/19/11 10:34 pm

Im confused with the six figures thing......oh well!
Thnx for sharing!

ayko0 - 06/19/11 9:58 pm

waht does six figures mean? i shall google it up.. xD

six figures means the number of digits in the money, eg. $100,000

six figures = six digits literally xD

dang i would’ve never guessed she’d make that much!

Six figures?? Are there really that many people who like “Friday” that she made that much and had her song downloaded 160,000 times??? I’m confused…

Im confused with the six figures thing......oh well!
Thnx for sharing!

waht does six figures mean? i shall google it up.. xD

Wow six figures,, i wonder when will i earn at least 5 figures?

suggest a link



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