Looks like Bieber’s pissed off! Now before you start getting curious…no, this isn’t the 17 year old Justin Bieber who has a lot of fangirls, this is another Justin John Bieber who is just pissed off that a bunch of the Justin Bieber you know’s fangirls have been constantly adding him. His Facebook info page is pretty darn hilarious is I must say.


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Those girls who add him are so stupid.
LOL. He’s pretty awesome. Pretty insulting to the celebrity XD;;
That last section is win. Poor guy…

this is hilarious...i would be pissed off if i was him too… LOL
ty for sharing!

hahaha, i laughed the whole time i read that XD

LOL Maybe he’s just tired warning every fangirl of the singer Justin Bieber so he made a hilarious info XD

Hilarious! XD

It feels kinda weird that there’s another guy named Justin Beiber. XD

WOOOOW LOL O.O How could someone seriously mistake HIM for being the singer Justin Bieber?!?! REALLY??? xD hahahaha so weird… thanks for sharing this haha

Well, you can’t blame him for this! XD
Oh well.. Then.. I hope that they see his message...? XD

LMAO! aww I feel bad for that guy.
I think he is the ultimate JB anti raspberry

LOL this is hilarious! XD
but....i feel sorry for him!
thanks for sharing!

LOL poor guy haha
this is a Jb hater right here lmfao
pretty hilarious though :D
thanks for sharing ~

Poor guy! I can only imagine how many friend requests he gets just because of his name. I’d be incredibly pissed as well if I had a bunch of strange teenagers adding me just because of some celebrity.
“I like prostitutes, booze and cigarettes.”
I lol’ed harder than I should have tbh.

Ha ha ha! I would give him a high five if I ever saw him, although I probably wouldn’t, because he looks kinda scary o.o Anyways, I understand his thoughts, to be constantly harassed by fans >.< I would do the same thing…

He seems......friendly......

lol!!!!!!! same name as singers is just soo hahaha


Okay maybe he is upset about all this...but it’s unnecessary to use harsh words.

hahahha lmfao!
he prob gets spammed daily because of that.
poor him.

haha kinda funny but poor him..

aww poor dude :/
i would be annoyed too if i was constantly mistaken for someone else

lol i kinda feel bad for him XD

Interesting.  ty for sharing!

suggest a link



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