Earlier today, the 28th, Lady Gaga paid a visit to the Japanese talk show “Sukkiri.” There, she donned an outfit she said was inspired by Panda’s. Her hair is shaped as cute little ears and she has black eyeliner all around her eyes. While there, they played a ‘yes/no’ game asking Gaga different questions. They also had her explain some of the oddest outfits she has worn and some of the deep meanings behind the outfits may surprise you. The designer of Hello Kitty was also in the studio that day and gave Gaga a custom Hello Kitty designed after her. Watch the video’s below to see it all!

Later Lady Gaga tweeted this:“Tokyo Love! Thank you to Hello Kitty for sending me special designed Gagasan Airport Kitty! Kawaii!”

Looks like she had fun in Tokyo yet again. She has donated so much to Japan and after watching her in this interview, it made me like her actual personality a lot more.


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lol that eye make-up :D

Always a Lady Gaga fan. c: She’s so cute~

Whoa..her eyes..o.O
But that’s cool, haha.

WTH!! :s :s
I thought it was a cosplay -__-!

LOL unusual as usual (Y)

(*sigh*) I love Lady Gaga… XD

what’s with the eyes?!
i thought it was a imitation xD

“watching her in this interview, it made me like her actual personality a lot more.”

-i agree with you, seeing her performances and the way she dress...i thought she was weird, but i must admit that this interview change my view of her ^^

She looked like a creepy doll at first

ohh those eyes..really creep me out!

OMG those eyes....

i actually got scared when the page opened..
but thanks for sharing~

woah! those eyes totally scared the living thing out of me!

that is some special makeup

ty for sharing!

her eyes creep me out.........no offense Xd
thnx for sharing!

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