Sunglasses are a great accessory to top off your style but would you wear a pair that is designed from hair? Yes, actual human hair! Swine Studio designers have created sunglasses made from resin and human hair.

The sunglasses are made from resin and human hair emphasizing the idea that the glasses are green and made from renewable materials. The resin is biodegradable while the hair is said to be taken from hair salons.

The sunglasses come in different sizes and colors. You can check out each design at their website here.

The thought of wearing these make me a bit sick. I would have worn them if I didn’t know it was made from hair but now that I do.. I want to keep away.

Would you try these sunglasses out?


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umm creepy, but these look cool xD

it looks cool but that is kinda creepy..

thats neat and all but kinda creepy in a way...wearing someone else’s hair. on your face. not something im into >.>

ummm that’s weird i can’t imagine me wearing some else’s hair O.O

yeah kinda weird , i might try using it but it just would feel wrong even through they are trying to say it’s the right thing to do since it’s easily biodegradable but whtever lol

How unique. You wouldn’t know it was made from human hair. But still kinda weird.

Wow.. If this wasn’t labeled as glasses made from human hair… They would look like normal glasses with an odd pattern!
I wouldn’t use it though.. Kinda odd and other people’s hair… Umm.... Creepy..! XD
Thanks for sharing!!~

it’s cool but ..don’t think i would use it…

ughh..human hair!i wonder whose hair it was.
ty for sharing.

Eww...I’d freak out wondering whose hair it was.

its kinda freaky having someone else hair on your face!

well… it’s kinda… ugh.
but still cool tht u could actually use hair to make sunglasses. XD

um...this is kinda gross.....
not really interested in it....

suggest a link



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