Did you know that there is a dog with 1.4 million Facebook Fans? Well, there is one! The dog, Boo, after having had signed a book deal, was surprised with party in celebration!

Boo rise to popularity as a bona-fide Internet sensation has certainly captured our attention with his irresistible tiny T-shirt and a teddy-bear face.

Now, Boo has signed a contract for a book deal. In this book, we are expected to enjoy an overdose of 5-year old Pomeranian cuteness, as the book showcases all of his favorite things, from lounging around to playing and exploring the whole wide world!

Boo is certainly cute and I am not surprised as to how he rise in fame. I mean who couldn’t resist of this adorable little thing? It’s also cool that even as a dog, he will get his very own book! Very lucky dog, indeed!