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In summary:
Start Date: Now
End Date: August 1st, 2011 9:59pm EST
Prize: Kangin Autograph, 200 RPs
Task: See above.

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Spend time with his family and SUJU! ^^

‘DRAG’ KiBum and HangKyung

“C’mon, Let’s get back Home!”

Hug Leeteuk first, then take loads of rest!!

get plenty of rest and catch up with the other members

Rest of course!
After that, he should rest some more, LOL.
If he feels “active” then he should do what he wants. 

He should go for a vacation or go to hot springs, to cool down

he should take his time and re adapt to his life and when he is ready come back to his singing career!! smile

say hi to his fans and do a little dance

have a fanmeeting smile)))

Get some rest and just spend time with his family and friends

have dinner with his SuJu members! im sure they missed him a lot, ELFs do tooo! 

SING!!! HAHAHA its been quite a long time since the last time i heard his voice, i mean singing live ;D

spend time with fam?
and after that back on stage xD

Hug everyone he loves! Let them have their moments o3o

spend time with his family, members, and friends! 

He Should Meet with His Family and with his SuJu Memebers and eat together!! Celebrate for his safe return!!!

yeah , going back to meet his family then gather with SuJu ^^ take a rest 1st ...

Kangin should catch up with his family, members, and his fans! 

They should have like a mini reality show ‘return of the idol’ and show him finally reuniting with family and friends and suju

Kangin should, first and foremost, spend some quality time with his family. :3 But right after that, he should go run and hug the Super Junior members like crazy and have a big, super-awesome Welcome Home party with all of them~ smile

Kangin should be taking a break and enjoy himself after returning from military service. I suggest he go on a vacation in Malaysia where he can eat till he puke xD *clears throat* and of course he should spend some time with his family smile

The first thing he should do is have a welcoming party from his family and Super Junior~ His family probably really misses him (not probably, more like really really!), and they would want to see him and make sure he’s fine, and then they would want to celebrate, so what better way than to combine the two into a welcoming party? And the Super Junior members will also want to see him and make sure he’s fine, so they’ll join in too, and it’ll be a huge party! :D

go see his family & friends. kekeke. XD
nd rest~
then bak to suju~

he should reunite with super junior

go see his famiy and SUJU and make a solo track XD

suggest a link



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