In animes, there are tons of cute characters that make people laugh and smile. But there are also adorable pets that can do the same. Check out five of the most adorable anime pets that you just want to hug!

Kero-chan - Cardcaptor Sakura

Kero-chan, the small adorable version of the much larger Cerberus. Kero-chan is one of the guardians that Clow appointed to protect and teach the next Clow Master. And although he is all knowing and quite powerful when he is in his much larger form, Kero-chan is also adorable and is obsessed with sweets including cake and pudding (which includes Suppi-chan too, but Kero-chan is cuter)

Wiz - DN Angel

Wiz is the family pet of the Niwa family and Dark Mousy’s familiar. Although he cannot speak well in the anime, he often says Daisuke’s name, but it often sounds like “daisuki” (which means “love” and “like a lot” in Japanese). Not only that…his favorite food is curry! He’s so adorable that you just want to pick him up and hug him!!!

Kirara - Inu Yasha

Kirara the demon-cat from Inu Yasha that rarely leaves the demon exterminator, Sango’s side. This adorable feline has two tails and when angered or ready to pounce, transforms into a HUGE cat that is ready to take on anyone or anything. But when she’s small, she can be found on Sango’s shoulder or playing with Shippo as if she is the tiniest little kitten. I WANT ONE!!!

Pikachu - Pokemon

The very first pokemon that Ash owns is Pikachu and he is the most adorable of them all. He has the most adorable smile and the cutest red dots on his cheeks. Even Ash thinks he’s the most adorable and as soon as he sees him, he hugs Pikachu…who ends up shocking the daylights out of him. But still…Pikachu is so cute!!!!

Karupin - Prince of Tennis

Karupin is the Himalayan cat that the main character, Ryoma, can’t live without. Karupin sleeps with Ryoma and even tries to go to school with Ryoma only to have an adventure of his own. Just don’t dangle a snake in front of him otherwise you might have a cat hanging from your finger.

What other anime pets are out there that you just want to hug!?

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Pikachu~ No one i ever knew DOESNT know pikachu~

Pikachu for sure~ He is so adorable >w<

I want to hug Wiz and Kirara!!
All of them are so cute!!

Pikachu!!! so kawaii :3 <3

Pikachu!!!!!! Definitely! XD

I want Pikachu!

Awwwwww I want them all

Love this list so much~ :3

Oh I love Kirara!! Its voice is very cute too :D

Botan!!! The cutest little baby boar in existence!!

PIKACHU!!! <3 <3 cutest thing on the planet!

Kirara ~~~ :D

Kero-chan and Pikachu are the best of the best. Period.

i want a picka~~

there’s a lot more raspberry but yeah sure ^^

ROFLMAO!!!! They all have such hilarious personalities! XD

waaah kero-chan and pikachu!! i love chi, hamtaro, and naa-san too!! ^^

i want to hug all of them especially Pikachu <3

wanna hug Pikachuu <3

So true! I especially wanna hug wiz ^^

i wanna hug Wiz and Pikachu...^_^

i love kero, kirara, and pikachu (who i might be for halloween!)

wahh they all are so adorable! I really want to hug Pikachu! :D

wah most of these are super super cute!

i want kirara <3

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