As we all know, the brand new iPhone 4S was released only a few days ago and has sold out hot cakes! With an iPhone, people usually buy a brand new spanking case to go with it. So, if you’re into all things cute, then why not check out these adorable cases!

Anything that relates to Hello Kitty is already cute enough for me. This is the perfect case for an iPhone! A picture of Hello Kitty is seen answering her stylish pink telephone. So when you get a call, so does she!

A simple yet too adorable for words is the best description for this case. I’m a girl who uses emoticons, probably a little too much. And my favorite one to make both in real life and online? The tongue face! (Or for you Korean drama lovers, the mehrong face!). So this case would be a perfect match for me!

Penguins would have to be my all-time favorite animal. Maybe because I’m used to people say that I look like one! Which isn’t a bad thing, since these guys are absolutely adorable, both real ones and cartoon ones! This case shows an adorable penguin couple sitting side by side in the snow, the perfect case to get for the upcoming winter season!

This case combines two of my favorite things: cupcakes and bright colors! You look me straight in the face computer and say that this isn’t a cute case. I dare you. Just look at the little cupcake’s face! How adorable.

And last but not least, to top of the list we have this kawaii iPhone case! This one is literally overflowing with cuteness, so much that I feel like the little characters will pop right out! I spy an ice cream with a cute bow to match, a watermelon in the background, and even a unicorn!

*sigh* Writing this list makes me wish I actually had the new iPhone…