We recently asked you if you would friend, date or marry Ryan Potter. The majority of you want to friend Ryan! Today’s Celeb crush is Ryan Higa. Ryan is usually known as Nigahiga from his famous and extremely hilarious videos on YouTube!

Ryan was born on June 6 1990 in Hilo,Hawaii. Around the the middle of 2006, Ryan started posting a bunch of funny videos on YouTube. Ryan is currently working solo with a few cameos from different YouTubers such as in ‘Best Dance Crew’ Victor Kim from Quest Crew an Kevin Wu (kevjumba) made an appearance. He has 4,000,000 subscribers as the second most subscribed channel in YouTube! He has also been singing a few parodies with Chester See and Kevin Wu, such as Shed a Tear and Nice Guys. (If you haven’t checked out his videos, better hurry because they’re HILARIOUS!)

Answer in the comments below if you would want to be friends with, date or marry Ryan Higa.
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