When Winter season comes along what is the first thing you think of? I’m willing to bet most people think of the big holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. However, the cold weather that Winter season brings along is something that should also be included. It may not be cold in every single part of the world, but in those parts that are cold, it’s hard to stay warm. Who said warm clothes are the only things to keep your body warm? Here are 5 beverages perfect to help warm that body up!

1. Eggnog

Eggnog is a frothy drink mainly consisting of eggs, milk, and cream or sugar. This drink is widely popular during the holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I haven’t actually tasted it myself, but I imagine it’s something like having a warm glass of sweet milk.

2. Hot chocolate

Rich warm chocolate topped off with creamy froth and marshmallows, yum. Any chocolate lovers here? I’m sure you don’t mind the cold too much if you get to drink this throughout the season huh.

3. Coffee

Ah, coffee. Probably the first drink that comes to mind– atleast it did to mine! I’m sure the scent of roasted cacao beans is one of the most known scents, right? At least to college students during those tough days of finals week.

4. Hot Tea

Lemon, Black, Green, you can take your pick! With the many flavors of tea available, not only will it keep you warm but the many flavors won’t let you get bored of it’s taste.

5. Hot Punch

If brewed up herbs don’t suit your taste, what about brewed up fruits? Hot punch is also versatile in that you can choose from citrus, apples, etc. I personally like my fruits whole and cold but during this cold weather I wouldn’t hesitate to drink some if someone offered.

There you have it! Do any of our readers drink all 5 of these drinks during the Winter? or out of this list, which one is your favorite and why?

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I love all of them except eggnog..I never try one before..

Love hot chocolate! Drinking cocoa drink at the moment though. X] Either one can do it. XD

hot chocolate and hot tea <3 smile

I luv coca and eggnog XD
Should try the others...well i have had them just not christmasy kinda way.

omo i loooove hot cocoa hehe!! egg nog doesnt taste good to me >w<

all but the coffee and eggnog >< cant drink it

ahhh I love all of them, except coffee XD don’t really like coffee…
but I love love love hot chocolate~~ <3

I have always wanted to try eggnog. I have NEVER heard of hot punch! Sounds kinda funky. xP
Ahh, coffee! I want to go to a cafe that does foam art. :3

mmmm, i want some~ :D

i would try any of this stuff :D
i love hot chocolate <3

SO yummy!!
I wanna try warm eggnogg~~
My favorite is Hot Cider :D

They look totally delicious!
I’ve never had eggnogg… looks yummy in that photo!
But hot punch? Really? o.o

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