Let’s just go down the list of what Amber Portwood has gone through this past month:

1. She spent her holidays behind prison bars. The teen mom was ordered to stay by a judge until her next hearing on January 27.

2. She’s on suicide watch as the result of threatening suicide to a prison guard. Poor guard.

3. She’s facing harassment from other inmates. Yeah, prison isn’t really the best place to make friends.

4. She can’t even quit “Teen Mom” due to her contract. Her mother and lawyer, however, are doing their best to get around this issue.

Here’s a cut from the Daily Mail:

Amber is now being taunted by fellow inmates and is feeling more ‘depressed and alone’ that ever, according to our source.

She has barely eaten or slept in a full week after one girl purposely knocked over her food tray and another inmate threw toilet water in her face while she was trying to sleep.

The insider said: ‘Amber recently told the guard if she was sent to prison she would kill herself which put the Teen Mom on temporary suicide watch.

‘Amber has already been moved twice from two other cell blocks because all the inmates were threatening her and she was scared she’d get beat up.

‘One girl knocked of Amber’s food tray and another inmate threw toilet water in her face while she was trying to sleep.

Why is Portwood in jail? The girl refused to provide a urine sample for a drug test and to regularly meet with her probation officer. When police came to her house after she missed a meeting, they found her on her couch, all hazy from prescription pain killers.

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t feel sorry for her. I might be a bit cold, but seriously, she shouldn’t have even become a teen mom in the first place.

We’re at the point in history where humans are overpopulating the Earth. We don’t need more kids to be born to people who can’t take care of them. Amber is the perfect case. Realistically speaking, I don’t think any of us would appreciate a mother who can’t even take care of herself.

Yes, she’s going through a lot right now, but it all breaks down to her own decisions being the source of her problems.

What do you guys think?


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oh too much drama and bad things on her life going on now :s

i feel sorry for the guard and the child :(

Who is she and why do we have a tv show featuring teen moms? 

I only feel sorry for the unborn baby :(

wow this is horrible the way she is being treated n all but yeah she kinda deserves it =/ sigh...her poor child…

wow she sure having hard time but well seems kinds of rip what sowed ? :o

I agree. It is sad to see her go through this but I don’t feel that emotion since it is her own fault where she is right now.

Gosh what happened to her ~ I hope she learns from her mistakes.

i agree...its hard to feel bad for her, but i hope she will be able to do whats best for her

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