As a reader and die-hard fan of the trilogy, I’m already so amped for the upcoming film, ‘The Hunger Games‘, but the soundtrack definitely deserves some gushing over as well! Here’s the full tracklisting for the soundtrack!

1. Arcade Fire “Abraham’s Daughter”

2. The Secret Sisters “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder”

3. Neko Case “Nothing To Remember”

4. Taylor Swift “Safe & Sound ft. The Civil Wars

5. Kid Cudi “The Ruler and The Killer”

6. Punch Brothers “Dark Days”

7. The Decemberists “One Engine”

8. The Carolina Chocolate Drops “Daughter’s Lament”

9. The Civil Wars “Kingdom Come”

10. Glen Hansard “Take The Heartland”

11. Maroon 5 ft. Rozzi Crane “Come Away To The Water”

12. Miranda Lambert “Run Daddy Run ft. Pistol Annies”

13. Jayme Dee “Rules”

14. Taylor Swift “Eyes Open”

15. The Low Anthem “Lover Is Childlike”

16. Birdy “Just A Game”

I have no care at all that I have heard only one of these songs because these artists already have me squealing. Have a runthrough with me of my favorites, will you?

We’re already familiar and in love with Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars, who get another song each. I’m also a huge fan of Arcade Fire, and Kid Cudi also makes an appearance, to my surprise. Glen Hansard, who I love for his duet “If You Want Me”, shows up as well! Maroon 5 and Miranda Lambert should bring in some of their own fans for this film. Then there’s also Birdy, who has a magnificent voice that will complement this soundtrack.

My ultimate, surprising addition for this soundtrack would be Jayme Dee at #13! I recognize her from YouTube and I’m expecting a beautiful song.

Thank you to the soundtrack producer T-Bone Burnett! I’m dying to see the film.