Stefani Germannotta, who is now known as Lady Gaga, was once a regular teenager like the rest of us. When she was 19 she worked as a waitress in West Village, which is where she met photographer Malgorzata Saniewska.

Saniewska had the honor to shoot Lady Gaga’s first real photo shoot as a performer back in 2005. These photos have never been seen before this past week. Saniewska admitted that she didn’t know Gaga very well, but she remembers her being “the nicest girl ever.”

Saniewska was a bartender in the restaurant where Gaga worked as a teenager, and when she offered Gaga the opportunity to be photographed by her, they packed up everything and headed straight to her parents’ uptown home, where the singer put on high heels and draped herself over the family’s baby grand piano.

“The house was empty, it was just the two of us,” Saniewska said. “I knew she was a singer, so our focus was her and her very first piano. We just hung out in her parents’ living room, and the piano was right by the window.”

Lady Gaga definitely looks much different now than she did then, but it is nice to go back and see what she was like before she made it big. I wouldn’t have recognized her at all if I had known her then. What do you think of the photos?

Here are a few shots of Gaga. If you’d like to see the rest of the photos click here!