About a week after Condomgate unleashed the rumour flood gates with confirmation of Zac Efron doing you-know-what safely. The 24-year-old playfully explained about the incident on The Today Show.

After discussing Zac’s role in The Lorax, Matt Lauer decided to spice things up with his sexy question, although it seemd a troubling matter for him so say the word condom.

Efron blushed and replied, “I never really had a pocket checking policy prior to going onto the red carpet before, but now we’ve fully instated one.”

Lauer upped the ante with an “It was really hard for you to say!” and added that condoms were great by affirming “better to be safe than sorry.” Efron took up on the challenge and said, “It’s a great message to add to the many messages of the film.”

To which Lauer wittily insisted on making a dirty, nasty pun about his “production company,” considering Efron is 12 in the movie.

Oh Lauer. Your sense of humor amuses me. Hopefully I wasn’t the only one feeling secondhand embarrassment for the both of them.