With the first of The Hunger Games trilogy set to be released in less than a month, perhaps you’ve been dying to eat some food from the Capitol. After all, Suzanne Collins has quite the imagination for her foods and you’ve set out to taste just a selection of them. Well, thanks to quite a few people’s imaginations and creativity, you can wipe the saliva and drool from your mouth and look at some of the foods served.

A warm Greens in Fish Stew
This fish stew and its greens is an Everdeen supper that Katniss prepares for her mother and sister, Prim. It might be simple with its white fish stew and greens (spinach leaves, in this case), but it’s a hearty stew, made with love. Finish off your meal with strawberries and bread!

Pale Purple Melon
So, pale purple melon doesn’t really exist in real life, only within The Hunger Games. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying out your own purple melons. Namely, get a melon, cut/slice it, then use some food coloring to make it purple. You should note that the melon is probably not edible after the food coloring, but it does put a nice touch on a Hunger Games party, right? Oh and the melon needed for this must have white meat.

Haymitch’s Basket of Love
Haymitch sends your way his basket of love. Inside? Succulent apples, soft dinner rolls, delectable goat cheese, and scrumptious lamb stew on wild rice. No wonder it’s called a basket of love. Has the appetizers, main course, and dessert! Best of all, it seems quite easy to make, especially when you have a dinner party to host. Perhaps next time you can try this when you host one - if I ever host a party, I will definitely try this out!

Peeta’s Burnt Nut and Raisin Bread
Nothing signals delicious like burnt bread. Of course, it’s burnt bread of love. Peeta gave Katniss loaves of burnt nut and raisin bread, which she took home to share with her mother and sister. Because they were burnt, Katniss scraped away the burnt edges, but inside was soft and delectable and they enjoyed every single bite. You can do the same by making bread, putting raisins inside, and letting the dough rise, burning it just enough to scrape away. It makes for a hearty meal and looks pretty on the inside!

Prim’s Favorite - Goat Cheese
It’s Prim’s favorite or one of her favorite foods - goat cheese! This is actually quite simple to make and can be very delicious to munch on. Take a bit of goat cheese and use your hands to form a block of goat cheese. Then take some basil leaves to wrap it up, then chill. When it’s done chilling, you can spread the goat cheese on bread or anything you like. I believe that the basil leaves will spice the cheese a little. Very easy!

So, dandelions may be pesky weeds trying to wreak havoc onto your garden and you’ve probably spent time trying to get rid of them. Well, The Hunger Games described dandelions as perfectly edible and it’s full of different and rich vitamins for your body. If you do try this in a jelly or coffee, please, let us know!

Flower-shaped bread rolls
Want to spruce up your boring and bland-looking bread rolls? Then you should try making these pretty shaped flower bread rolls that look too pretty to eat. It’s just like making regular bread, but then you cut lines into the bread to give it its flower look. And you can also dip it into your Hunger Games hot chocolate!

Goose Liver and Puffy Bread
Mmm, what say you about goose liver and puffy bread, aka croissants? You probably wouldn’t give it a second thought because it sounds interesting. But in The Hunger Games, Katniss eats this while she’s waiting to be called to dinner. Goose liver is foie gras and quite expensive at that, so buy a small portion and slice the foie gras into small slices. Foie gras is pretty ‘fat’ and thick, but juicy, so it gives flavor to this puffy bread.

Lamb Stew with Dried Plums
Mmm, how succulent does this sound right now? It actually sounds amazing! Basically, take carrots, potatoes, onions, and mash them into a stew! But not too thick because you don’t want your stew to be too thick. The lamb mustn’t be lamb leg, but lamb leg is still ok if you’re desperate. And because this is Katniss’ favorite dish from the Capitol, you best check out how to make this yummy dish!

District 12 Ration Grain Drop Biscuits
District 12 sees much starvation because food is hard to come by, so Katniss and her family eat these biscuits made from the ration grain that they’re given. Basically, you take seed and grind them up to make smaller grains, then mix it together with flour, salt, and milk. Doesn’t look appetizing, but like the author of the recipe says, it does give you a harsh reality of what the inhabitants of District 12 go through.

Mellark’s Bakery Goat Cheese and Apple Tarts
This is probably something you don’t hear of often: goat cheese and apple. But you make it exactly as if it were a pie. Tarts are basically small pies, so making this is a cinch if you have pastry experience. If you don’t, no worries. Make some pie crust, put it in a tart tray, then first put the goat cheese before putting in your apples. It makes for some yummy desserts and it looks pretty indeed!

Capitol Orange Juice
This is quite easy - just pour orange juice into a glass, then fit it with a white straw and a little frilly collar. But it’s so clean and pure that when offered, Katniss carefully places it to the side, afraid that she’ll dirty it. Hey, I’ll drink it, Katniss - I love orange juice!

If you enjoy making food and want to try your hand out at these Hunger Games foods, then you should try looking at these recipes.

May the odds-be ever in your favor!

This blog post is part of the Hunger Games Special.

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Flower-shaped bread rolls looks great

I’d like to try goat cheese. I never tasted it before. XD

The purple melons look like they lost their sweetness...everything else I want to try. Great list! 

Don’t try the purple melons, as in eating it. Probably not the best idea haha. :]

Most of them looks so good :D I like the straw ^^

these seem good to eat

wow some of these are interesting! i wanna try the purple melon and the flower roll things :D!

Oo, purple melons is creative! :D
Wow, those flower bread rolls are so beautiful and delicious looking! Orange juice sure looks good too. LOL. XD

everything looks so yummy!! :D
the flower bread rolls look gorgeous~

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