Kara Koskowich made an unique graduation dress out of her old math homework.

She spent days cutting, sewing, glueing and in the end tailloring her graduation dress, the whole dress was exlusively made out of paper.
But it all payed of in the end, she and her friend Dorothy Graham, who made her dress out of shoppings bags, had the most admired garments at their graduation.


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Thats whats called being creative n cool at the same time n good idea to get rid of homework haha i like it grin

That’s a good idea to get rid of homework’s haha
I love making dresses i might try it someday.

That’s really cool~!
I suck at sewing, so I would end up stabbing my fingers to no end!
I bet many people were amazed! smile

I’d do that too...goodbye hmwk! :D

wow, truly unique dress!

That is creative!
It looks nice but I wouldn’t wear it haha

That is so clever and original! It must have taken her hours to do that.

wow, how creative!~ :D <3

That’s very creative of her. I wonder if she show it to her math teacher.

How creative! (: & It’s pretty awesome.

thats is amazing LOL XD

LOL it’s a bit dangerous to wear it though since bits of paper might fall off randomly xD i bet her math teacher must have been proud haha
it’s very creative and neat ^^!

wow that’s really creative and a good way to recycle. I wonder how durable it is though, what if she spilled a drink over it?

ooh that is really neat! I wanna make some dresses to myself too :D
maybe not from paper :D

her creativeness is seriously amazing...I would have never thought of this! xD

This is so awesome! I wouldn’t be creative enough to do this, and even if I were, I wouldn’t be brave enough to wear it myself…

That is pretty wicked and creative! I can never dare to wear something like that…

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