So it’s a typical day as a Directioner for you. You wake up, to a One Direction track as your alarm of course, and get ready for the day. Then you decide that this day should also be dedicated to your beloved group of five. Now, how could you express your complete and utter devotion for the boys, and let the world see it as well? Wear it of course! Here are some articles of clothing for you to get decked out in One Direction (skipping the undergarments):


There are countless of One Direction t-shirts out there, but I decided to go with a simple one. It still manages to get the point across though. With the big ‘1D’ and heart, surely others will at least get the gist of your love. (One Direction Store)


You see, Directioners must think ahead, and the weather forecasts might not always be too trustworthy. As a form of reassurance, a sweater must be held as well. However, it must not conceal the love for One Direction, therefore it shows the adoration as well! It has ‘1D’ on the front and Zayn Malik’s common phrase on the lower back. (One Direction Store)

Tote Bag

It’s about time that we get around to something with the boys’ faces on it! Just in case you stumble upon One Direction during your stalking- I mean carefree frolicking- throughout the city, you need something to carry your beloved 1D merchandise in! Well here it is, a tote just for all your belongings. You’ll also get a smile each time you fetch something from your pouch due to the sight of the boys. (One Direction Store)


Now we’re heading towards accessories and starting with wristbands. Make sure you flash these babies whenever you’re making any actions that involve your hands. They also happen to glow in the dark. If you’re trying to show them off, then be discreet when you shut off those lights. Surely they’ll manage to strike up a conversation between a fellow Directioner and yourself! As if your other garment hasn’t… (One Direction Store)


Wear the five boys around your neck and leave this cute little heart pendant right next to your heart! The picture in the charm features the group of five posing. Surely it warms your Directioner heart. It’s a pretty cute necklace! (Etsy Shop)


This one might require some artsy skills on your part, but you’ll at least have to try for the boys right? This wicked nail art from an awesome Tumblr user is quite cute. It features some aspects of One Direction that the fans will surely be able to point out. Perhaps they should have a discussion for it over tea! Try this one out yourself, Directioners! (Tumblr)


Seems like your fingers will be getting special treatment! This is a little Scrabble-tile-shaped ring that’s great for any Directioner. Besides, what fan doesn’t want 1D to put a ring on it, right? I have a good feeling on which finger many fans will be putting this ring on… (Etsy Shop)


It’s about time we end the self-preparation with a pair of sneakers. You actually won’t even need to buy these if you already have a pair of Converse high-tops that you’re willing to spread the 1D love all over. There’s a even a DIY guide for this pair of shoes! Wear these puppies with ultimate pride! (Etsy Shop)

Now it seems like you’re ready to step into the world. Tie those laces up and step out that door! Make your fellow Directioners proud by flashing your 1D fashion!

Disclaimer: Although I fancy One Direction I do not suggest anyone to truly step out of their private homes decked out in all these articles of clothing unless they have the burning desire for frightened stares and, possibly, mockery.

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That’s a lot of merchandise. I just saw a hoodie of it today at the mall. I’m not a fan of them.

I’ve bought a hoodie for one of my close friends~ She’s a HUGE 1D fan! smile

not a fan of theirs but im sure a lot of people would love this stuff :D!

wow so many stuff i guess a 1D fan will step out of his/her house wearing all these stuff grin they are pretty popular wink

I am not a big fan but i would like to see them live someday. 

Oh my goodness. So many accessories and merchandise. XD
I’m not a fan. Lol. 

suggest a link



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